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who let me do this | Quarantine day #38 | Making pancakes

when i was younger I always fell off the bed at night.. maybe I hit my head too hard one day

hope y’all enjoyed hope no one that knows me will watch this cause they will think I’m batshit crazy and send me to a therapist. 🙂
•i promise I will have better vids soon 🥺



thanks for wathcing! 🦋 !330 !990 !90 🦋

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

oh my god hi welcome to my channel and Idon’t know why because I’m hungry I’mhungryso I was like yeah this is blanket ablanket did I cover my room because Ijust I just finally if you’re gonna seethis videogood job okay so yeah today we’re gonnamake a Japanese fluffy pancakes um I sawa girl do it on tick tock I’m hungry andI wanna make it and hopefully I can doit because I cannot cookI will teach myself oh and I’m homealone right now so like if I like lightthe house on fire if they’re gonna findthis video pissed off sorryyes I’m gonna put like the video that Ifound I just don’t know what I’m doingI’m gonna put it somewhere here so likey’all can save[Music][Applause][Music][Music]like y’all didn’t say the recipe if youcan’t if I if I don’t find the videolike if you want to do it with me if youwanna make Japanese fucking pancakeswith me then you can watch this videoI’m not I’m not good at this so it’scurrently 10 a.m. and I am hungry I’mreally hungry I’m so hungry I don’t knowif it’s because I go to sleep so likelight 4:00 in the morning okay 4:00 inthe morning that’s kind of earlyor is it late it’s early in the morningbut it’s late at night yeah so I’m soyeah my my sleep schedule okay oh my godwait I need to log into my account okaythat’s just the storage and the ritual Idon’t know if you can tell what I’mnervous because I’m scared like I don’twant to likehouse on fire please just don’t let meby the way like I don’t I don’t way theywant to like yell in this video but Idon’t want to galley this video becauselike I have a neighbors and they don’tand they can hear me I kind of did myfirst in there the whole timemy lips are broken sorry like I’m it’sbroken I’m broken I don’t think thisvideo whatever you guys done good inquarantine cuz I’m going crazy like Ithink my wallpaper is like smiling at mewhen I’m beautiful I’m like not smilingwhen I’m ugly it’s like you shouldn’t besmiling so I yeah I don’t get it I don’tget it okay I’m back these are all I’mgonna mix this should I did it oh mygosh okay oh that’s so cute it’s gonnabe really messyoh no no no no no I messed up I messedup I messed up it’s okay I knew I knewthat fuck you by the way it was reallycuteokay see what I was really cute untilthat happened I can’t see that bitch whywould it go wrong oh sorry sweetieyeah it’s just yeah so welcome tocooking with Peter she’s not veryprofessional but she’s trying okay she’slike she’s trying it’s gonna be finekind of looks tasty but I feel like it’snot gonna be tasty okay shut upoh why didn’t you tell me that you weregoing to diewhy didn’t you tell me good so I didthis the girl said she said that I needto like mix it for like 40 seconds Ithink you meant to say four minutes[Music][Music][Music][Music]Oh[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]Oh[Music][Music]oh honey you’re too hot for meoh this is actually really not funnybecause I almost burned the house downright now this is the moment till onefire you[Music]

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