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How To Make Rainbow Pancakes(VEGAN RECIPE!!)

Fluffy Vegan Pancake Recipe

1 cup all purpose flour
1 tbsp baking powder
Pinch of salt
1 cup non-dairy milk
1 tbsp maple syrup
1 tbsp coconut oil

Other things you will need:
food coloring & plastic baggies

In a large bowl mix all dry ingredients together then add in all wet ingredients to the dry ingredients. Once mixed altogether portion out the pancake batter into four separate bowls. Mix in food coloring, one color per bowl. Then pour each colored batter into separate ziplock baggies. Make sure to use a non-stick pan or an iron skillet with a little bit of oil for this recipe. Cut the tips off of the zip lock bags and start squeezing the different colored pancake batter into the pan to form a round pancake. Make sure you make them thick enough in the pan. Cook over med heat and flip once pancakes start to bubble.

I hope y’all enjoy our VEGAN rainbow pancake recipe! Let us know in the comments below if you give this a try or if you’ve ever done these with your kids before. Also make sure to SUBSCRIBE! Thanks for all the love. 🌟

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to Family TV myname’s Julia and as you guys can seewe’re in the kitchen today because weare going to cook some pancakes with myhoney pancakes Rifleman cakes let’s getstartedannulation see we have some dryingredients and our our wet ingredientswe’re gonna go ahead and stir the Grasdry ingredients up until like it’s allflat and like good you don’t want themlike you don’t want like mix it too fastbecause like you don’t want to make itlet’s fly out the bowl you could not dothat so I want you the guys like to likemix softly and stuff and make sure itdoesn’t go out I think it’s enoughmixing now we’re gonna add our wetingredients our wet ingredients I’mgonna be some milk and so syrup andvanilla and coconut oil so we’re gonnacarefully be careful guys you’re gonnaput all over the ball and dump it nowwe’re gonna add our other wavery in itwhat’s a tit this is syrup in here soyou want to make sure it drips and stuffso just let it drip good put that in thesink now we’re just gonna mix it it’smix oh my god you’re so strong you guysreally want to be careful now becauseit’s like watery and stuff so don’t looklike don’t do that I’m just gonname and my mom we did this one time untilwe wanted to do it againlike cuz it was so good and I loved itit was cases so goodso it should taste is really good todaydo you guys just any pancakes these arevegan pancakes you know what the bestthing about vegan pancakes are you getthe Eagle Bears gonna scoop some up yeahI’m full of love you’ll be so now we’regonna move the bowl over here and nowwe’re gonna get these bowls you’re goingto unsnap them and we’re gonna put thebatter inside okay guys now that we haveour batter in all these four separatebowls we’re gonna add our colors themost exciting parts so first we’re gonnaadd maybe a blue one I think I’m gonnastart with the blue one so we’re gonnaopen it you wanna stop start with twodrops not alive you’re gonna go over itand you’re gonna be careful not tosqueeze it a lot like this one too nowwe’re gonna fix it for you wanna keepmissing and so all of it is all bluethen you’re gonna go to the next colorand do the same thing over again so fastlooks fastI’m gonna keep mixing and agitating ohmy god that looks – now we’re gonna dothe green one I’m gonna go with thegreen one cuz I’m going really ok we’regonna put it over one hey remember youhave to put the camo and we’re done solike it’s really tips andwe spice it up squeeze it it’s gonna getall over the place so we want to makesure that like you saw the cap nowyou’re gonna do the same thing overagain oh my god that’s so pretty thesecolors are like the prettiest of thepretty pretty so pretty okay that doesnot make sensehey I dare ya now let me do the yellowhey open look at orange and red butyellow one okay rule is done the lastone’s gonna be red now we’re gonna pickher up and we’re good when we do this acouple weeks ago my my favorite alongwith the yellow one the red is like soliquidy he came outokay we’re gonna mix it yeah this turnsout it looks pink to me like a readypinky color these colors look like likepastel so prettyoh the blue one the blue color the bestand the red and the green and the yellowI love although okay guys now that ourcolor all mixed up now we’re gonna go tothe next stepokay guys now we’re gonna put the batterin these bags and I’ll leave my mommy’sto this oneyouokay guys now that um all my batter isput in the bags now would you say bakingbaking paint you think you make apancake okayoh goodness lugs oh my mom is oh okay lowe’re gonna add my maple syrup I’m gonnatry it now good god you look so goodmaking some bacon pancakes makin baconpancakes but this is not bacon it’s justa pancake making bacon pancakes make abig bangerI hope you guys like these randomhangers I hope you guys try a recipe butuntil next time make sure you like thisbig big pancakes let you make yourpancakes

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