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Making Salvadoran Desayuno (& banana pancakes)

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]so I’m gonna make and I’m gonna makethose things those frightful attains itsthe Salvadorian dishit’s and this I you know somebody youknow technically with some are theeasiest thing to make all of them it isjust prepared so it could just be readyso I can just be like and just put it onso I’m gonna make the pancakes laughs sowe’re gonna do is peel the bananaI don’t like this little banana bananayah we’re gonna squish all the babyeverything okay second one only quad itwould have been easy to put it in theblender but you know we don’t like itonce you have your banana personally Iknowbitch you move my camera you’re gonnaget this and you’re just gonna make aline like that Wow and then you’re justgonna kill grab it and justWow and you’re just gonna do live withthe other one make a linewe’re gonna cut them in half thosemultiple table and let me start dream ithome you will should be left with twopieces and then you’re gonna get one cutin half and now my heart I know let mestop you don’t know what started on methat what that is you’re gonna cut it inhalf again so you’re gonna go in themiddle of it and then you’re just gonnago in and then cut obviously I’m gonnacut my hand so yeah you should be leftwith this like weird shape so now youhave half of hats yeah make sure thatthey are not too thick or they’re toothin it’s at the oxide you know wallowsit I’m gonna get like very very likeflimsy and then they’re not gonna fliprightoh they’re gonna overcook really easilyand if they’re too thick it’s gonna takelonger for it to fry so yeah okay so Ihave one two three four five six seveneightyeah I yeah okay okayso I got this Frank and Dean already hadum beans I wait so I’m just gonna putthem in the blender and blend them up sothey could be liquidokay I don’t really get close we don’twant hoping you know we want liquid sidesmash thingsyeah oh you put the beans inside use thesame pan okay because if you use thesame shade but means we’re here so – Ohfrom the use it right now I’m gonna jumpwe’ll get our safety a little bit of oilokay don’t put too much just likethat’s it and see there and Flegal turnon the whack some oil andthen this one you’re gonna put a lot cuzyou’re frying so you’re put it in mediabecause you wanted to keep up a littlebit I personally like to put them inbefore it starts to get hot hot becauseif you put them in right when it’salready boiling the inner middle of itit’s not gonna cook right so make sureyou put it in before that’s just tip onthis you won’t burn Platini i don’t knowabout you but i like my perfect funyes thereyeah you know so I got a comment on ourcuz they’re kind of slippery just putthem in with your fingers your handsy’all respond any time any and we knowwhat we are a way to success you knowbubbly a little bit and I have to makethe pancakes so what sort of thank youso so banana see so but it’s okay don’tmisspell as long as money goes you seethe right bubbling try to flip them sothey could be eitherhe’s got I’m worth it that I Cayenne onyou make sure you look at the beach soflip the PlatiniNo mix it yeah the dog is down there andI’m dropping and she won’t eat it Isaid oh my god look at the beanslipoproteinsagain keep flipping so the beans arepractically done eating being like thatthey’re almost done so this one needs alittle bit moreso this one’s technically done so isthis onethis one this one’s all other fly’s downthis one’s a little warm this one stillneeds a little bit more so these two aretimes we love these three kind of donewhat’s that man our biases well I thinkyou just let them naturally like cookfor a bit from the other side cos thinkwe’re still a little bit likeI’m gonna get a little bit of butter alot of butter actually I up willno iron pancake don’t make fun of myshape of my pancakes okay I’m not aprofessional you’re gonna need one ofthese to shape baby if you wantsometimes it just doesn’t look right myfacehuhOhI don’t pancakes here like it’s justlike for I think all right here we areavocado beans cheese Platini good I’m onand my pancake because the dark but yeahthat’s about itliterally either that’s either no sirbut I know you could always add egg onit if you want but I don’t want any soyeah so just do thank you guys forwatching[Music]

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