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How to make Quick & Easy Pancakes

This is a recipe on how to make the quickest american pancakes.Great for relaxed mornings. I hope you enjoy x

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome to or back to mychannel so picture this it’s a Sundaymorning you wake up and life is good yougo downstairs to make breakfast but holdon a minute you don’t know what to makewell don’t stress because this is arecipe for the fluffiest lightestpancakesseeing as you’re only watching thisvideo thank you by the way why don’t youlike and subscribe below and follow mysocials Shiva play Takeshi laputan mm ohallah closely notification to VermontInstagram and Facebook let’s get on withthe video[Music]in a bowl starts of your dry ingredientsmix 150 grams of plain flour two and ahalf tablespoons of sugar 3/4 teaspoonof baking powder and 1/4 teaspoon ofbaking soda set aside when done in aseparate bowl mix two tablespoons of oil150 milliliters of milk and one egg yolk[Music]also set that aside then bring the flourmix back in add the wet mix in andcombined make sure not to over mixotherwise you knock all the air out[Music]lastly at the egg whites and mix forhalf a minute[Music]on a low heat put a bit of butter in afry pan and leave till it melts Booneyour batter in the fry pan form in anice circle leave on one side to cookfor three minutes flip it over and cookthe other side for another 2 to 3minutes until light golden brown[Music]keep trying to use order better[Music]once your pancakes are cold you can eatit with anything you want I’m having itwith strawberries bananas[Music]and a cube of butter with any Americanstack of pancakesif you always need to have maple syrupon the top all finished I took a biteand even though it’s a quick and easyrecipe the taste does not fall flatthank you guys for watching and stayingto the end of the video I hope youlearned something a big shout out toAnderson’s glossy for making my newintro go to Instagram to check out allher other edits before you go don’tforget to Like subscribe hit thenotification bell and check out all myother videos stay indoors and see younext time[Applause]

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