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How To Make Potato Pancakes With Meat Filling

Hey Everyone if you came across this video ill explain why I made it. So I made this video for my home economics class and uploaded this video to youtube because the file was too big and it didn’t let me upload it. This was my first time making it so please don’t blame me for the bad instructions. If you enjoyed the video like and subscribe ill probably upload more school videos in the future.

The recipe is my mom’s so I can’t link it but this is what you’ll need
500g of minced meat (if you want for pancakes use more)
12 potatoes (if you want for pancakes use more)
2 onions
2 eggs
2 handfuls of salt (use both at different times)
2 sprinkles of black pepper (use both at different times)

Editor: Me
Camerawoman: My Mom
Cooker: Me

Original of the video here

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