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Hey wanna make pancakes

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Video Transcription

yo-yos come on dog hey mommy pancakes[Music]

18 Replies to “Hey wanna make pancakes

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  2. Your vlogs put me in the best mood and make me feel so inspired and productive ❤️✨

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  5. Jaci!!! I have been obsessed with your videos and am a long time fan of the podcast much love for you girl

  6. So excited to start the course tomorrow Jaci I’m working on making YouTube my full time job! That’s life goal

  7. seriously loving your videos especially rn during quarantine! the aesthetic of your videos is UNREAL

  8. Hey Jaci, you inspire me everyday. I respect your hard work and dedication. Sadly, i was not able to join the live courses but i hope they go well. Stay safe!

  9. You’re the cutest human! I’m from AZ too (Ahwatukee to be exact) haha and ive been obsessed with listening to yours and Chelsey’s podcast during this pandemic!

  10. Hey Jaci, Keep up the brilliant videos I’m new here! I’m a YouTube vlogger too so respect your grind!

  11. literally just finished that book!!! i never read and its so wild like you will be SHOOK at the second half

  12. You should try mixing the highlighting drops in with your foundation- it makes it super dewy!

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