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How to make pancakes with less than a dollar (365 Naira only)/Pancakes/Pancake on a budget

Hi everyone! My name is Dara and I’m a Nigerian Youtuber 😊
In this video, I made pancakes with less than a dollar (365 Naira to be precise).
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-1 Cup of flour
-1/2 Cup of sugar
-1/2 satchet of nutmeg
-2.5 table spoons of powdered milk
-Honey for garnishing

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys and welcome back to my youtubechannel my name is Dara Singh pleasedon’t forget to subscribe like and sharethis video please out also appreciatesevey comment down below so today we’llbe making pancakes with less than $8which is about 365 naira only firstlyI’d love to show you the ingredientsthis is flour one cup of flour and thenwe have 1/2 cup of sugar one cup offlour costs about on Draenor and 1/2 cupof sugar costs 15 era only then we havethe milk this is true and a stable spoonof milk and then we have did not makethe milk costs approximately Andre nairaand then did not make us 25 nairabecause the axes of sachet of nutmeg itall such as is 15 ER and then we have 2eggs which cost approximately a thinnerso I didn’t calculate the only with thiscalculation I made the 365 naira total Imade because garnishing your own pancakeis really really optional you can chooseto garnish or not so this is our mixingbowl and then would mix in all our dryingredients first first pour your flourinto the mixing bowl and then would havesugar yeah 1/2 cup of sugar pleaseignore the fact that the ingredients arekind of stuck to the balls because thebolder words when I was playing in theingredients they pour in your milk andthen just voids please subscribesubscribe subscribe thank you up nextyou want to put in your notes makeplease you have to mix this thoroughlymix the dry ingredients togetherthoroughly before even adding any liquidsubstance in it so now I’m just givingit a nice mix I start mixing all the dryingredients together we’re going to bemixing in water and I advise you put inthe water beats by beats so avoid havingawhat’s remixed oh so I don’t have aparticular measurements for the waterbecause it depends on our teen or TQwants your mixture to be and yourpancakes will be actually please pour inthe water beats by beats to avoid anywatery situation in your pancake mixtureso you add the water depending on theconsistency you want so on up next wehave the egg you want to whisk the eggin order to have the nice lovelypancakes you wants so now we’re going tobe putting in the egg into the pancakemixture we have one ground I alwaysadvise you mix your M already mademixture before adding the eggs in Idon’t know what this does to the pancakebut I’ve always done it like this and ithas worked out well for me so just keepon mixing and mixing while you pour inthe eggs if you’ve watched this pointand if not subscribe to this channel Idon’t know what you are waiting for andplease like this video please I’mbegging it won’t cost you anythingthank you so well just mixing we aremixing away and then up next is the mainbusiness here so for those who are usingnonstick frying pan they don’t need toadd much oil like I did because theywon’t have any sticky situation if theydon’t add so much oilso yeah I’m just adding a little bit oilyou don’t need so much or no fryingoccur please don’t pour too much oil sonow we’re doesn’t allow this oil tospread aroundand then spread if we are around thefrying pan so please you’re going to putit on fire but don’t overdo it don’tburn your house pleaseso up next is the mixture please ignorethe fact that I just put the mixturestraight from the bowl and I didn’t useany spoon or anything to scoop it outjust ignore the messy situation so nowyou’re going to you’re going to toss thefrying pan aroundin order to achieve the length andbreadth of typically she wants justspread it by tossing the frying panaround it’s very easy to make and veryquick in fact so now just like sell outthat parts to cook it beats just a bitsthey’re now going to check around thethe pancakes to ensure that nothing isborn in please don’t burn your pancakesoh please so now I’m going to try tostruggle struggle at the struggle toturn it over so now I’m going to flip itover like a pro that I am here I flipflipping it over so after flipping itover you want to press the pancake wellto ensure that everything is evenlycooked you don’t want a situationwhereby you’re having half cookedpancakes just ensure you press it wellbut don’t over press so that’s all forthis video and that 1 cup of flour makea lot of pancakes for you so we’re aboutto add a final product this is the endof this video I’m just gonna garnish itthrough my own e please don’t forget tolike this video share this video pleaseand comment down below and please I’mbegging in Jesus nameturn on your notification bell so youget notifications when I drop videosthank you for watching bye see ya

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