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How to make pancakes (Legendary Pancakes )✌️

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Video Transcription

surpriseoh they’re always at the heart makeit with the moon now say uncle a magnumpunchy no no no no horn depos unpaidalso lung problem also known sugars oneof cake some impulse train caboosefather Domingo your legendary pancakepancake data starting dirty kitchencasts a dirty Shabbos a dirty kitchenservicing facility full of ingredientsnothing Naruto eat no meat and eggs imelted already dropped butter andso what elsebaking powder waitis you a few moments later the headmahira flour mixing bowl[Music][Music]don’t worry nothing’s on two servingsbut it[Music]milk we made green half teaspoon ofbaking powderanyhow it means to serving six seven itnames a lotta our box comes up Sita[Music][Music][Music]a few moments later its inertia drainand sprinkle well I’m not enough airflow[Music]in one batch you need one on the end butand I make for two batches[Music]Heymeaning they looked already now you andshe were gonna watch you where it shouldbe like sugar 1tbsp tables[Music][Music]shiny shimmery muon right thing[Music]one eternity later twelve seconds laterthis is how you cook the legendary pantrick in tandem not they ain’t ain’tlearned nothing man don’t do you happyuntil these possession I am they areprofessionally by gustave on the willyou implication legend -[Music]tell 20 minutes later oh yeah I’ll beback okay good luck thank you bye bye

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