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How to Make Easy Potato Pancakes (Korean Gamja Jeon) | Chowhound at Home — Cook #WithMe

Executive Editor Hana Asbrink shows you how to make easy potato pancakes in the form of Korean gamja jeon (see recipe below). They are extremely pantry- and quarantine-friendly, as it only requires potatoes and onion, and requires zero flour. It comes together super fast with the help of a blender, but you can certainly stick to a box grater too. Feel free to gussy up the batter with scallions or chopped chili. The dipping sauce is great too (recipe for that also below). Thanks for watching and let us know what else you’d like to learn!


Korean Potato Pancake (Gamja Jeon)

Serves 1 to 2

2 to 3 starchy potatoes, like Russet or Yukon Gold, peeled and roughly cut in quarters
1/2 medium yellow onion, cut in quarters
Approximately 1/2 cup water, enough to cover the blades
Salt, to taste
Neutral cooking oil

Add the potato and onion pieces, along with water, to a high-powered blender. Pulse until blended, about 12 to 15 times.

Strain the mixture in a sieve placed over a bowl for about 10 to 15 minutes. Season with a couple of pinches of salt; this will help both season and draw out excess moisture. Give the mixture a good press into sieve before pouring off the liquid carefully, leaving behind the white potato starch that remains at the bottom of the bowl. Add in the potato onion mixture to the potato starch, season with salt, and mix well.

Heat a nonstick pan over medium-high heat. Once it’s hot enough, lower the heat to medium and add enough neutral oil to cover the bottom of the pan. Carefully scoop out mixture to your desired size. This makes about 2 medium-sized pancakes or 4 to 6 smaller ones.

Once the underside turns golden brown, flip and continue frying. Add more oil if needed.

Drain potato pancakes on a cooling rack over a tray (optional step). Season with a bit more salt while they’re hot. When ready to eat, transfer to a plate and serve with dipping sauce, optional.

Dipping sauce, optional
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons water
1 tablespoon rice, apple cider, or plain vinegar
1 teaspoon roasted sesame oil
1 scallion, finely chopped
Roasted sesame seeds

In a small bowl, combine all ingredients. Adjust to your taste. Use as a dipping sauce for pan-fried potato pancakes, dumplings, and more.

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Video Transcription

hi guys it’s Hannah from child and todayI wanted to introduce to you a supersimple and delicious recipe for Koreanstyle potato pancakes called jetanKoreans love to pan fry all sorts ofthings and enjoy them on rainy days ofwhich we’re having a lot here in NewYork and I thought it’d be a nice way tofeature the humble potato most peoplehave couple potatoes a little bit ofonion rolling around in their producedrawer so let’s get started first youwant to start by peeling your potatoesI’m just starting with to care 2potatoes like this should be enough forone person or two as a little appetizer[Music]it’s my favorite peeler by the way it’slike kuhn rikon I know a lot of chefslike it as well but it’s inexpensivesharp and just super effective highlyrecommend just want to cut potatoesroughly into quarters[Applause]they like to stick so be carefulonion you’re just gonna use say half anonion 1/4 whatever you if you liked ouronion use up to[Music]so it’s as simple as dropping everythinginto a blender like this one you cancertainly just use a box grater whichI’ve done before but this is so muchfaster we’re going to strain everythingafterwards to remove liquids so you canadd just a little bit of water to coverthe blades just so you’re not worryingaround without any action I would justpulseyou can do that for another a handful oftimes I would scrape down just to makesure you’re getting everything in andaround the blades that should do itstrain the mixture in a colander if youhave a cheesecloth or a clean kitchentowel that’s even better but franklythis is just as easy and I don’t mind alittle bit of liquid just to keepeverything togethera gentle swish[Music]what I like to do is actually season thepotatoes at this stage as you knowpotatoes love salts they can take quitea lot I think it helps with bothseasoning and drawing out that extraexcess moisture so just a little saltand let it hang out for maybe 10 to 15minutes so it’s been about 10 minutes orso now you just wanted to show you howthe straining process has been goingobviously we added a bit of water to theblender to help the blades get going butjust want to give the potatoes anothergood press and there’s going to be athin layer of potato starch beneath thislayer of water and I wanted to show youguys that sorry it’s a bit dark it’s asI mentioned it’s been gray and gloomyhere in New York so I just poured offall of the water just so I could showyou there’s going to be this layer ofpotato starch and you’re going to wantto keep that because that will act as abinding agent for your come to ton orpotato pancakespotato mixture and there might be oldwhaler chunks mix it into the potatostarch we’re gonna season it againbecause like I said potatoes love salt[Applause][Music]don’t forget the starch at the bottomso grab your favorite nonstick skilletand I like to set up a little stationjust to the left a little cooling rackover a tray just so that any excess oilcan drip offthat’s definitely optional I’ll go tomedium-high heatjust a note on me on a little batterhere I think it’s big enough for twolike to medium sized pancakes and maybefour to six small ones we’re gonna makesmall guys today so we’ll see how muchthese yield[Music]now we have a special guest to taste itmy little daughterwant to try some yeahshould try it without the dippinghmm miss hi there[Music]it’s greathmm it doesn’t need the dipping sauceyeahif you have a couple of potatoes lyingaround this is a great way to ease themup it’s just great on its own with orwithout a dipping sauce it’s also goodwith a little fried egg on top I hopeyou guys like ityou

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