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Delicious banana bread, Bake with me.

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Video Transcription

calling from the supermarket just likethis yes and I have thought I have awrist powder this is a wrist powder thisis not flour as you can see I’ve just Icall it for methe in your stove yeah I call it for onein your stove is powder and I have myand one egg if you like you fold the eggif you don’t you don’t have to go I justwanna do thatthis is some ginger pissed I justblended the ginger right here and thisis oil this is vegetable oil apple orwhatever you call it yes like that soand my baking powder so let’s getstarted okay so holidays I’m peeling mybanana to put in the blender as Imentioned a small blender blender toblend everything in blendedokay the first thing you want to do isto get them very clean for and I alreadyblended my banana so I’m going to emptythe pan and in the clean Bowl okay Iguess this is a banana so what I’m goingto to is to get my offer and whip orwhatever this right okay so I’ll do isI’ll put in our ginger gingernice fur next thing you want to put inyour real race powder this is Reggiethis nut flour you can use flour if youwant to I prefer the rice powder becausethat’s what we do back home okayI forgot it was about to cop to copnice flower already waited to show youthis man showed me it’s okay to copOh rice flour I’m gonna do now is to putin my egg this is one egg if you don’thave egg it’s okay and now they aremaking locomotion we finished looksorting Harry crushing like this is onecup of boy but I’m not coatingeverything so what I put in just now isokay just looking for itjust two cups and five pattern okay -copysit next thing is to put in my bakingpowder and flavor strawberry whatevervanilla whatever flavor you really wantyou can do that the next thing pull itinto the baking pan it’s time to pickyou first pre-heat your oven to 450 Gbecause this is rice it take time tocook so like that spawn – then let’s seethe any you see it’s already over so Ineed to put it in a baking pan rightaway right away you can add salt becauseof your eyes okay pinch of saltjust put some swords and see how ittastesand then you can go straight ahead notbe okay this is itbut finish mixing it I just got my hairI just got a pen just last week yes it’sthe old one so I’m going to put it inhere start baking oven like this okayyes five another and two cup of rice Ihave lots it is another breaklike Irian banana bread so you have hereall you want to try you can try itcomment down below my page and I cameout okay I love you to try it yesoh that’s a lot I still have me becauseI cannot fold it more than this becauseit’s going on rice and they will behitting my stuff is very moist as youcan see very small stuff that’s alreadypreheating my movie oh that’s prettythere but I’m gonna put it in it whichyou’re gonna see the car as you can seemy oven so small so I have to this onethey did not go in so I’m doing it forso lotr detail you can also fry this soso good well I just don’t like too muchfrying fry in France um you can also frythis yes if you fry this is calledbanana color if you bake it is paternalgreat okay Wow see how beautiful itlooksthis is the product you can see thatthis is the prayer that you see in suchheart Wow machine of fluffy try in SunNoit’s like but Anna GREs please subscribeto my channel and don’t forget to give atoss toss toss up share like and commentthank you whoa this is the last pin okaythat what I did was not put a strawberryin the middle part of it so you can trynew stuff you knowuh-huh what a very in the middle of itso it looks so good good good you seethat oh this is super duper okaythank you for watching see you next timethe five please subscribe to my channel

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