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how to make pancakes in the TM6


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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys today we’re going to be making avery good style of pancakes in no timeso enjoy this video and let’s get rightinto it[Music]to make it of this of these pancakesyou will need 50 grams of unsaltedbutter and some extra for frying yourall need you’ll need 300 cups of milk 2eggs 30 grams of sugar 200 grams ofplain flour 1 tablespoon of bakingpowder or all 50 grams and half ateaspoon of salt first off people 850grams of unsalted butter meat it’s ameasuring cup I did you put the lid onof course and then you could speak toone and wait 2 minutes what the butteris melted and you add 300 grams of milk[Music][Music]then you are 2x[Music]30 grams of sugar and the flour[Music][Music]what tablespoon of baking powder[Music]and what cheese food with half ateaspoon of salt which is a picturethank pop the lid crack card with themeasuring cup 10 second speed five[Applause][Music]now a pancake dough is ready ask yourparents to help you fry the pancakes tryit try adding some stuff to it likehorny jab on teller or whatever stuffyou like I hope you guys enjoyed thisvideo and see you guys next time bye

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