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How to make pancakes | fluffy pancakes recipe | make pancakes at home | pancakes from scratch

this fluffy pancake recipe is the best pancake recipe you can try , this is how to make pancakes at home and pancakes from scratch . please be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you don miss an upload from me thank you . #pancakerecipe #fluffypancakefromscratch #howtomakepancakeathome

ingredients; 2 1/2 cups flour
I cup sugar
1 tsp vanila
2 cups milk
1 egg
2tsp baking powder
1tsp cinnamon
I stick butter

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys and welcome to my channel eachother here again and today we are in mykitchen as you already know from thethumbnail we are making a fluffy pancakeso all you will be needing is yourpurpose flour your sugar your cinnamonyou need egg and then your funny lastlevel then you also need your bakingpowder and of course your milk so I’llbe leaving the correct measurements andin the description box down below so youjust have to check that out so I don’tmake any mistakes I’ll just be leavingthat down below in the description soyou can have that so what I do is I goahead and mix all the liquids I mix themilk the egg the vanilla flavor and thenI’m mixing all the solid so here I amputting in my flour and then I’ll beputting in my sugar and my baking powderwith the cinnamonand then I will add a little bit of saltI just love adding salts so whenever Iam baking I just love adding salt Idon’t know why I do that it’s importantso now guys I’m going I had support theliquid everything that I missedum to the solid let me put it that wayto the powdered you know that’s it I didI’ll be mixing everything together[Music]so I finished up adding all my decreedand here is my plan I’m doing this witha butter so instead of using a graniteor you or whatever or you you want touse I just used my butterI love the taste of the butter on thepancake I just love how it tastes so youcan decide to do whatever you want to doanything you want to do is fine andwhile I was doing this I realized myplan was a little bit too small for thislike I wanted something bigger but thenI was already doing it so[Music]yeah guys so as you can see the panchange because I had to switch she wasjust too small for me and Here I am thisis dawn I hope you guys enjoyed watchingthis video if you did please give it athumbs up and share with your friendsand family don’t also forget tosubscribe and hit the notification bellsso you know whenever I post any newvideo you can use your honey or yourpancake syrup whatever you want on yourpancake and enjoy yourself thank you somuch for watching guys I will definitelybe seeing you guys in my next video bye[Music]you

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