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4 cups flour
4 cups milk
3 tsp baking powder
3 tsp baking soda
¼ cup vinegar
4 large eggs
⅓ cup sugar
80 ml baking margarine/ butter & 100ml for greasing the pan

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Video Transcription

hello and welcometo my channel every date within ourcooking so today we’re gonna be makingpancakes before we make our pancakesI’m gonna make homemade buttermilk sinceI don’t have one of my ownwe’re gonna need fresh milk I’m gonnause 4 cups of fresh milk for this recipefor it and that blue bowel alreadyand then to our four cups of milk we’regonna add a quarter cup of vinegar[Music]okay so I’m gonna wait for about fiveminutes for the milk to curdle that’swhen we’ll know that I will Marcusreally okay our milk has curdledso you can see how it’s like it it hasdivided it’s ready nowokay so I’m gonna add dry ingredients tothis power so the flower I’m going toadd three teaspoons of baking powder andI’m also gonna add three teaspoons ofbaking sodanow I’m going to add one of our threecups of sugar into the flour and thenI’m gonna mix the dry ingredientstogether so for our Creed ingredients wehave our buttermilk that we just madeand I’m going to crack in four eggsI’m gonna add 80 mil of my diarynow I’m going to add teaspoon of vanillaessence to the liquid mixture and thenmixnow we’ll combine our dry ingredientsfor the liquid onesokay so after mixing if you realize thatyour butter is too thick you can add themoment to your butter if it’s too thinyou can also add more flour to itokay so after mixing you need to allowyour butter to stand for 15 to 30minutes and the meantime you can clearup your him space and pre-heat yourstove I usually use a heat setting ofbetween three to four so what we’regonna need to fry the pancake it’s aheavy base stain instead of pen ornon-stick pan and majorie but what Iusually do is mix one pot my cherry withone pot boil and you need to pour inmaybe tablespoon of margarine in yourpanyou don’t really need much it alsodepends on the kind of pain that you’reusing if you are using nonstick maybe ifyou just use a teaspoon okay and put ina ladder full of butter in your pan likeso okay so you know that your pancakesare really for taining when they startto bubble and one of the bubblesstudying to pop then you can tell themover to the other sideand also on the other side a mood thatthey are really when the sides arestarting to brown if you cannot see thesides you can also try to lift it up howyou can remove it so every time you addeach pancake butter into the painting tobutter you cameso if you need to make perfect cyclepancakesyou can use this remote I’m using a gridmode that I just bought so you need tospray them inside with a nonstickcooking spray so I’m actually gonna havespray it away from the stuff on theinside and also you need to preheat toremove so that the side of the pinky cancook as well so since Valentine’s iscoming up you can also use those hardring moves and we do if you move themspray them on the inside and thenpreheat them before pouring your patainside of a pingso now I think they’re well heated we’regonna spin in the bottledon’t put in the butter all the wayinside the mood you need to pull it tohis halfway okay so I’m gonna use aknife to spread the butter to make sure34 the removes all the way inside andaround recite it so that I can get thatperfect cheap but I’m looking for andalso since we have well twist our modesthey can lift up very easily see likethat you ain’t even struggle with it youdon’t have to turn it to the other sidewith the remote on where you just flipthem outside removing the hearing modeand be careful when you flip the secondone so that they’re not close togetherlike mine yes so you can see I haveanother pen I’m trying to multitask andget its me pin click it spike in savetimeyou don’t have any moles just use Pcutters and cut out hochy from yourimperfect ten cakes like mine you cansee really just dyin things dinner evensaid Sheila so I just meet them liketape so that I can cut in head shapesokay so it’s very easyokay thank you so much for watchingenjoy your Valentine’s Day guys

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