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How to make pancakes🥞(easy tutorial)

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Video Transcription

[Music]you can follow along tip so first we puttwo cups of waterlittle bit little bit of salt and flourtwo cups of flour little bells salt nowwe’re gonna put the water half[Music][Music]and you need to make a loss to me so youneed the help of sugar[Music]I’m getting hopeful that you know butsomebody please that’s enoughmore milk please that’s enough I didsugar some coconut powder fresh coconutyes so we have used some fresh coconutto give a better flavour for it and canwe have some milk please yes that’senoughand if you like it to sweet then you canadd another 2 teaspoons of tablespoon ofsugar in itokayyes so now we have underfoot so for thenext where you need the help of an adultto turn on the gas and now we’re gonnaput that boy once the fan is hoped okayokayhow much is itlet me check if it is mixed properlythisso now we’re gonna pour some in mymother skin[Music][Music]now we’re gonna thrive not within a jokelate and we’re drawing the pancake mixso we’ll be back with you once this ride[Music]we are going to put them in the placeand you can have these pancakes withNutella honey or whatever silver purelife or Jamand for the next bit to put them in theplate you need a help over Adamand I’m gonna be making another cookingone with barbecue[Music]I had the help of out I doubt itto make um these videos and make sureyou like subscribe and comment downbelow what what cooking show I should donext my next one might be Bob

20 Replies to “How to make pancakes🥞(easy tutorial)

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  4. That lamb is a great meal to have for Easter!!! I know we all miss are families, praying this stuff goes away!!! ~ Momma Dell

  5. Came through as I said to show love, my new Fam. ❤️❤️ Your babies are enjoying the outside breeze.

  6. Hello Stephanie your dogs are beautiful. It’s so hard not seeing family and hopefully things will get back to somewhat normal‍♀️ I never heard of egg cookies. I laughed when I saw your Halloween chocolate because I still have my Christmas tree up so there is no judgment here

  7. Morning, love the dogs beautiful what breed are they? Also the food came out lookin’ have a blessed day and get your ☕ fix lol peace!

  8. Hey love!!! You have some adorable doggies!!! Those mac n cheese cups are good the beef cookies came out good!!! ~ Momma Dell

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