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Video Transcription

it can be really faster okay check thisoutit’s so cool[Music]hey guys welcome back to our youtubechanneland today we’re back again with aninteresting videoso we’re gonna be it’s how to makepancakesyeah we’re gonna be showing you guys howto make my pizza so let’s startokay so first we need an egg we’re gonnacrack it in thisbowl so we got all the items that you’regonna be growingsugar salt making using to make pancakesso we have baking powder sugarokay[Music]next the next thing we’re going to do isi’m going to get some of the sugar andlet’s explain the milkall right and i get some of the sugarfor my hand[Music]we get a tablespoon of salt so we don’tneed that much just need a little bitbecause you’re also going to add itbecause we don’t really need that muchyeah let me get atablespoon and we’re going to do onetablespoonlike sugarand we’re gonna need one tablespoon ofbaking powder oh yeah i just need aspoonwe’re gonna need some of baking powderwhich is like put only need that muchand put there like a two spoonyeah and then we’re gonna mix itsee you guyslook at the next thing we’re supposed toput what are we supposed to put nextuh next we’re gonna put um poor sugarrightyes so next we’re gonna put we’re gonnamake some eggand sugar’s so soft and after that we’regonna put milkso first we’re gonnahole milk there can you hold thiswe don’t really need that much milkthere you gonow you’re gonna mix this and i’m gonnastart mixing the[Music]okaywe need all of themokay so next i’m gonna go ahead and putthe egg in iti’m gonna have to keep on mixing it[Music]okay so guys this is this is how itlooks i mean likeit’s not really like so we’re gonna keepon mixing this until it’s so smootherit’s not you’re probably thinking it’slike it’s already smooth butwe want it more smooth so yeah itstarted getting so smallmix it a little bit morenow as you can see we’re going to goaheadand put our oil in itjust again with that oil in it[Music]you need to help okaylet’s get all these[Music]i’m sorry what’s your namethis is something to do when they’reboredokay so i think it’s getting moresmootherso we’re gonna go aheadso we’re gonna it’s getting it’s alreadylike really smooth becauseyou can see keep on moving but beforethat it was likereally a little harder so right nowwe’re gonna go ahead and startmaking it yeah let’s go right now i’llput a pan on itwait and i have like a little oilokay so i’m gonna go ahead and make alittle bow so you need thisso like just in case and make sure thepan is really hardi mean hot likeyeah i’m gonna go ahead and put more oilfor that one literally get better soand after put more oil i’m gonna need itto get like everywhereit does like satisfyingokay so right nowand yeah she’s gonna fit it inbecause i really don’t want to get itokay so i’m gonna pull likethat muchor somethingokay so i’m gonna do like this to makethe oil go insideit’s getting like really easy inside andi needed something to put it up okay ithought that was water that i was takingokay that looks really goodit’s pretty good okayoops yesoh yeah oh my god look at itoh my godguys mario is pouring the second one[Music]is[Music]okay[Music]just in case it can be really fasterokay take this outit’s so cool oh my god this is the onethat i madethis is a backpack yeah so cooldeliciousokay so yeah okay so likewell kind of like done this this is thelast one we’re makingand like this one looks like a littledryso i’m gonna go ahead and put the lastone injust right here and we’ve done somethingit looks a little hard[Music]okay i’m gonna try this one let me justget a piece of this onei’m gonna try this onenotifications so yeah and don’t forgetto ummessage your content yeahlike give us some idea how to makethingsto do more videos yeah how about cookingand eatingthank you guys for watching our video welove y’all

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