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HOW TO MAKE PANCAKE | By : Prana Ramadania

HOW TO MAKE PANCAKE | By : Prana Ramadania

This video is the English assignment of Prana Ramadania, grade 6B, Pius Cilacap Elementary School.

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Video Transcription

hi friends I am prana from piouselementary school this time I will tomake pancakes[Music]is how it worksI usually make pancakes for breakfastit’s very easy the ingredient we needare one egg item 2 tbsp of sugarsweetened condensed milk 1/2 teaspoon ofsalt 4 tbsp of flour 1/2 teaspoon ofbaking powder 2 tbsp of cooking oil ashake tool first mix eggs and sugar in abowl[Music]and shake it[Music]makes sweetened condensed milk with aglass of water[Music]mix the two ingredients of then shakeuntil blended[Music]and at the floor stare until evenlydistribute[Music]at salt baking powder and oil then steeragain until smooththe next step hit a frying pan with lowheat pour in a big stir[Music][Applause]look pancake already do this repeatedlyuntil the dog runs out pancake is readyand ready to be served[Music][Applause][Music]thank you for watching see you again[Music]you

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