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How to make a pancake

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Video Transcription

have to make a cakepancakesno videotaping it for melts don’t likeit all good to all the bumps around alittle more water stir againyeah you can huh you’re gonna be a goodcook on are you gonna be able to cook[Music]it’s a it’s part it’s for you just lookat it and see if you have it at home onthat’s all this yearyep to all the bumps around yeah gonnahave it smooth okay we’re just aboutdone can you see me alright now we gottaget going watch out right it with Pam Oh[Music][Music]one day[Music][Music]it’s called whisk yeah that’s what it’scalled it’s called this is called awhisk that’s hard to do I had a kickbackhey what a whiskokay a sad thing and I have a word -yeah yeah you got a with spatula whenyou’re done she’s doing have me doingthe pancake like there’s your stomachhurtgo ahead you can make your toast okayJesse if the bottoms are getting brownsee all the bubbles on top the holes youknow gets like a that’s when you flip it[Music]onokayI hope it’s done soon damn you readflippin no I didn’t know yeah get out myway Hadley net no one still need thatone though was doneright shut it off now why well cosdesert still cookin this is my longestvideo[Music][Music]

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