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How to Make Oatmeal Pancake/No Bake Muffin | #QuarantineChronicles

Here’s my own quick, cheap take on oatmeal pancakes! What have you guys been doing during the quarantine period? I hope everyone stays safe and healthy!
Shot in early April. Just experimenting with different setups for future vlogs. My mic is broken, tho. :’c
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Video Transcription

[Music]experiences well here we are with atotally random video and today whatwe’re gonna do is my favorite becauseit’s cheap it’s easy to make oatmealpancake first thing we need is of courseoatmeal some sugar water and a couple ofeggs I cannot give you any precisemeasurements because I myself do neverlike in an approximate approximatingmatter proximity proximity approximatingthat proximity mean is approximatingmeasurement engineering students arereally fond of the tension meter well ofcourse that’s not true if someone is aserious engineering students and theydon’t like rely on approximations butunfortunately a lot of them so you’regonna put some oatmeal into my blenderand there we have the blade processingblade food processor blade fruitprocessing blade and we will try toprocesshere is a process to do processed oatsI’m actually using my phone and recordthe voice over because I can set up mymic right now way before it wasannounced that there would be a lockdownin Metro Manila we were already in theprocess of moving out so I’m stilltrying to settle in to wherever we areright now and trying to figure outsetups for my videos and whatnot figureit out that I would like to know myspace here Nora how my video is gonnaset up and stuff like that and now havemy own room I’m gonna put some sugar andit is is brown sugar again I’m justusing my instincts here one hand onehand of course I messed it up I’m gonnaput some water this video is starting tosound like an ASMR video kitchen ASMRI’m sure that one each time that looksso appetizing now we’re gonna change theblade and use a blender blade and ablend this out smoothie I figured outthat I did make too little of it there Iadded some more oats and sugar and waterand added a laugh hey let’s try with aone hand again because I messed up thefirst time no am I gonna put some flavorthese are diced mango bits that pinkBowl is one of my favorites it was aChristmas present from my best friend Ishould probably check out an instagramat Cassandra’s pH Sandra’s cookiesFrawley or cookie cravings the yeah gocheck her out back to the flavouring andthen we put cheese because everythinggoes with cheese as I’ve said we’re inthe process of moving out so wecurrently don’t have refrigerator solook at the cheese it’s all messed upit’s all squishy and mushy and whatnotadmittedly I have sliced them too bigthumbs up for bringing the kitchenwareinto my room here’s a very very smallpan as I’ve mentioned before like forthe end time I have to make do withwhatever I help there we goit’s just right in the middle of thecircle also don’t have butter I’m usingcorn oil one mistake that I realizedthat the own is that I didn’t let thepan heat up well before I put thepancake mix and now it’s messed up it’stoo soft the pan wasn’t heated enoughand perfect I love itso I’m forming there you go my firstpancake looks so yummy let’s try thatagainI am messing up my mom’s pan she’s notgonna like this it was too hot now mydoing to not know what I’m doing anymoreuh on my flip a pancake to still perfectand let’s try this one more timeno two more times hope this works no nono very nice one last try this is goingto be ruined again[Applause]it’s burning I’m missing this how hardis it to flip a pancake there that wasmy last try and imma let it work so ifit doesn’t work just pretend that it’sno big muffin so now I’ve got my lovelyBowl again and put all the mushypancakes air and tadalook at that yummy and crusty brownishand beautiful and look at that mangos inthe cheese and looking for food go awayand and as you can see the lighting hasbeen changing because it’s taking me solong to video this thing I started ataround 6:00 or 5:30 and now it’s almost8:00 and I need my breakfast I am hungryI just put on some chocolates breadactually I only made this video becausethere’s a chocolate spread no I made thepancakes because of the chocolate spreadand then I thought I’m taking the videonow I am eating and it is still it don’tforget to like and subscribe and checkme out on my other social media accountsStella what you’ve been doing duringthis quarantine period I’ve just beenreading books and just studying andfinding new interests and hobbies andpreparing for when I have a properinternet and I could upload a lot ofvideos I’m making more videos not justfood videos but whatever video is mine[Music]

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