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Fluffy Pancakes|Gluten-free Pancakes |How to make pancakes|Quick pancake recipe|Quick breakfast

Tada!!!! Our today’s recipe is
Fluffy Fluffy Gluten-free Pancakes

Want a Quick & yummy still healthy breakfast ????? Check out the above video guys…i am sure u guys will be well satisfied with the recipe….

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome to my channel up tothese recipes gluten free fluffypancakes now let’s get started take aball and add one cup of whole cloth onetablespoon of sugar one teaspoon ofbaking powder and a pinch of baking sodaand a pinch of salt and half a teaspoonof cinnamon powder now let’s mix all thedry ingredients together so that will beeasy to mix the wet ingredients nowlet’s add one whole egg and half a cupof milk mix these ingredients wellinstead of one whole egg you can evenadd two egg whites as well now for someextra sweetness let’s add one tablespoonof maple syrup it’s an optionalingredient dog mix the maple syrup andlet the batter set for 2 to 3 minutesafter 3 minutes the batter would havebecome a little thicker so now let’sfind very little milk to make the batterinto thick pouring consistency just likeso as we have shown in the video nowlet’s get to the making heat the pan onmedium flame and now let’s pour thebatter just pour it on to it and itspreads by itselfnow once the bubbles are formed and thebase is cooked you can turn it over andcook the other side look how well thepancake is puffing up repeat the sameprocedure or else you can cook four tofive pancakes in a bigger pan at a timemake sure you don’t make the batter toowatery and keep in mind that you have tocook the pancakes always on medium orlower than medium flame now our pancakesare ready so let’s top them with ourfavorite maple syrup and add someberries too or you can add any of yourfavorite toppings to look at how softand fluffy the pancakes on mush so guystry this healthy gluten-free pancakeswithout and do let me know in thecomment section if you guys like thevideo do click the like button andsubscribe to my channelsee you guys in the next video with anew recipe

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