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How to make Lamington Pancake Cereal from TikTok (Aussie Style)

Keen to try the latest Pancake Cereal food trend in TikTok? Why not try making a delicious and creamy Lamington-style one, the Aussie way.

Okay, so we couldn’t help ourselves as we were scrolling through the black hole that is TikTok and decided to hop on the latest food trend – Pancake Cereal.

You’re probably asking, “Tina. What the flippin’ hell is #PancakeCereal – why would you just not eat cereal?” Well, I was asking myself that as I spent over an hour making it (I’m a slow cook), but guess what guys? The end result was pancake flippin’ delicious.

In celebration of, Idunno, living in Australia, we decided to make Lamington flavour pancake cereal. Guys, they were absolutely delish. Definitely not recommended if you’re trying to keep that waist slim or double chin in check, but oh so worth it!

Anyways, watch the video to find out what ingredients we chucked inside to make it sweet, creamy and lamington-y.

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Now go and cure that sweet tooth of yours!

Hey fam! We are Tina and Andy – travel bloggers and content creators who gallivant around the world with 2 rambunctious little boys creating smart travel guides for families to help equip you with the best knowledge and info for your next big adventure.

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]what’s up fam today what we have madeexcuse my mouth fault the hottest trendon tic toc right now pancake cereal it’sjust like pancakes but tiny and adorableif you haven’t already make sure yousubscribe to the channel and we’re gonnalet you know how there’s pancakes cerealtaste and whether you should make it ornot there are heaps of different ways tohave pancakes cereal that we have seenyou can either get you know pancake mixfrom the shops or you can make your ownhomemade pancake mix by your recipe andyou can also add a whole differentvariety of flavors to it on tik-tokwe’ve seen Oreo chocolate banana fruitsall kinds of variations it’s really justup to your imagination but wheat todayI’m making an Aussie version of thepancake cereal we are gonna make lemmingttan pancakes cereal let me quicklyexplain to you guys what a lamington isin Australia a lamington is a spongecake with a layer of chocolate on theoutside and shredded coconut coated overthe top of it and sometimes you can alsoget jam and cream inside which is thebest type I reckon which is what we’remaking for this pancake cereal look I’mnot gonna lie making them is bloodytedious I first you to do this processand then you have to go through theprocess of flipping every single one ofthese around so you know we’ll probablymake this one it tastes great I have tosay if someone makes you give me I eatthem every day am I gonna make it myselfevery day No[Music]and voila that is a lamington pancakecereal so what we’ve used to make thisobviously the pancake mix then we gotsome shredded coconut we whipped somecream we got some strawberry jam and wegot a bar of our flake which you caneasily just break a pot and sprinkleover the top and we’ve got ourselvesthis little beauty here so now we’regonna go get the verdict from the kidsand see if they approve they go well wetry a quick little tip guys to make themreally really small you could use likethose piping things that you use in cakefor decorations then for pipingsomething like and you can use a syringeor a neat little trick is what we’vedone is get a plastic bottle poke a holein the top of it and then you can usethat to squirt all the little roundpieces out so you just do a little bitbit by bit all right let’s give it a golet’s try this out and let’s see whatthe verdict is Raffy what did you thinkwas it good a lot why what do you thinkgood boy nice and give it a guy T is asigh kids good I mean lamingtonlamington lamington pancakes cereal irecommend it Aussie Styles a little bitslightly different because of theSpanish difference to a pancake yeah Iwant everything else is really nice it’sa slight twist to it also you canactually have this with milk so we’veseen a couple of people try this withmilk hence why the name I believe iscalled pancake cereal but you can butyou can also have it just dry with likesyrup or butter or something like thatand that was our video on the pancakescereal which is the latest trend on tictoc also a glass check out our tic tocas well you can find us under hungry bynature if you haven’t already as wellsubscribe to our channel for more funvideos we hope to see you soon take carebees from the table[Music][Music]

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