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How To Make Korean Tuna Pancake

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Video Transcription

[Music]today I’m making a Korean pancake sothese are the ingredients what you needto make and Korean pancake so first youneed some eggs but then some a tiny bityou talk too much as spring onion tunacarrots and Curry’s a pancake mix andsome black pepperhello guys – now I’m just gonna dump allthese ingredients in but this one’s[Music]courage today the courage to sit yeahmixed it so he’s gonna make a Koreanpancake guys and then ya know this lookslike vomit so now it’s time to add someof them black pepper let’s say you arethere be only a little bit and then I’mjust gonna put in this Seoul theHimalayan salt and then did you add okayjust add the garlic Korean pancake mixall your ingredients say then you mix it[Music]mix it I’m just gonna put a bit ofgarlic powder guys just just get movingand mixed italmost this myth so here it is guys soreally nothing pancake Korean pancakesso in another guy is a latina with oliveoil[Music][Music][Music]for young pancake nothing yeah here itis guys here’s the final product ice apossible top of a pan so I named liningNino topo guys they try it guys from astart-up by chef guys hmm hmm so Bradleygonna try it guys our food a panicky howis it nice move by nice young guystrying new shop guys it’s really nicevery nice this is very nice so why don’tyou have just my one guys whiticus inyoga Anisha with the rice why not guysso here’s my one I just add the chillisauce don’t wait yeah Mars[Music]

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