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How To Make Fluffy Japanese Pancakes!

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– 2 Egg Yolks
– 3 Egg Whites
– 1 Tspn Vanilla Extract
– 10 ml Veg Oil
– 20 ml Whole Milk
– 30g Plain Flour
– 40g Caster Sugar

1) Beat yolks with vanilla, oil and milk until slightly aerated. Add sifted flour and beat into a paste.
2) Beat egg whites until foamy. Slowly add sugar while whisking on fast speed, until glossy and firm.
3) Add a small amount of meringue to the batter and mix thoroughly.
4) Add remainder of egg whites to the batter and fold in gently.
5) In a lightly greased non stick pan on the lowest heat, carefully pipe in your mixture and cover with a lid
6) After about 3 minutes, flip over and colour the other side.
7) Serve immediately so no air is lost.


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Video Transcription

what surprise I’m walking back to slicedso Japanese pancakes everyone’s beengoing kind of crazy about them recentlyand you know what’s not to like aboutthem they’re really huge fluffy amazingthings well they’re not really pancakesyeah technically the kind of souffles soif you actually try this recipe and itworks out well well congratulationsyou’re on your way to becoming a Frenchmaster pastry chef by all means try thisrecipe out as a basic sort of recipe butthen look at all the souffle recipes andtry out making chocolate soufflesraspberry souffles and different kindsof things so this pancake recipe is astart but re try and make differentthings okay so let’s get right into itwe’re gonna start with three whole eggswhich we’re gonna break down into twoegg yolks and three egg whites I kind ofmessed up not gonna lie so I ended upwith two egg whites which you’ll see abit later I’ve gone over less but yeahdefinitely you need all three egg whitesthen I’ve got a little pot 20 mils ofwhole milk 10 mils of vegetable oil andabout a teaspoon of vanilla extractwe’re going with 30 grams of plain flourand 40 grams of caster sugar right sowhat we’re gonna do is mix our egg yolksalong with our liquids and beat it forabout two minutes until it starts tobecome a little bit foamy and then we’regonna sift in our flour and mix ittogether this is a very basic principleof a souffle we’re creating our basehere it’s very thick as you can seethat’s what we’re gonna do is lighten itwith our meringue so we’re gonna beatsome egg whites you can add a little bitof lemon juice if you would like andwe’re gonna slowly add in our sugar halfway through once it starts to go foamyand then we’re gonna beat it at a reallyhigh speed until it goes nice and glossyand the sugar has dissolved you can testthis by rubbing the mixture between yourfingers and you shouldn’t feel any soregraininess then we’re gonna introduce alittle bit of the mixture into ourbatter as you can see it’s very thick sowe’re gonna let it down lightly so thatit allows the rest of the meringue tofold in nice and easily and this waywe’ll be able to keep lots of air in themixand this will allow our final product tobe nice and fluffy and transfer this toa piping bag and then in a non-stick panit has to be nonstick I’m just gonnagrease it very lightly with a very verysmall amount of oil you don’t know wellat all and I’m just gonna pipe it into aneat circle and then on a very low heatthat’s just very very low heat we’regonna start heating this up and as youcan see I’ve sped this up and as thepancake starts to cook you can see it’sslowly expanding in the pan and whatwe’re gonna do after a minute so you cansee the little air bubbles coming andwe’re just gonna cover it with a lid andthis is gonna cook the rest of thepancake and once we’ve done that we canget ready to flip it as you can see it’spriests or half cooked so I’m gonna usemy spatula and one two three just giveit a nice flip oh crap oh oh whoa chillout okay it’s not burn it’s it’scaramelized okay there’s absolutelynothing wrong with that okay yeah I meanthis just shows guys that you kind ofhave to keep it on a very very low heatwhich I clearly didn’t do there so yeahjust keep an eye on it as I said it’svery delicate thing I mean this pancakesstill gonna come out all right it tastedperfect at the end but yeah just becareful when you’re making it but yeahas you can see it’s really fluffy andthick and what I’m gonna do is put aplate on top and flip it over and as youcan see it’s already starting to losesome of that height so just like asouffle the minute you’ve cooked thispancake deserve it immediately it’sgonna start to lose some of that air butwhat I’m gonna do is just serve it witha little bit of passion fruit and somemaple syrup on top and that is it that’ssuch a perfectly easy pancake is sosimple and why is my hand shaking somuch in this anyway who cares likesubscribe follow me on my social that’ssliced on the school ID you guys knowthe drill I will see you the next week[Music]

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