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How To Make Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes From Scratch

3/4 Cup Milk
2 Tbsp Vinegar
1 cup Flour
2 tbsp Sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 egg
2 Tbsp butter

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Video Transcription

[Music]yeah and behind you is wet all theingredientsyep all the ingredients and a measuringspoon and Bowl let me put it down now Igrab the cup we are going to need oh youknow what we gotta do first this recipeneeds buttermilk but we don’t havebutter nope so what we’re gonna do iswe’re gonna make our own with milk andvinegar oh that’s very interesting rightwe need believe it a cup of milk no guyshey how’d you know that I’m like that’sfor the tablespoon but we don’t needthat one yet hey guys head you know likea teenager I think and this is our firstever video right sure don’t touch so notyet but when I thought definitely don’ttouch it – finebros you’re gonna getdon’t stones your toes yeah you clickthe subscribe button and then what butthen what one thing to do tell themokay three tablespoons of sugar don’tdump it everywhere okay there we go wewon’t have so much to clean up afterright yeah okay so after threetablespoons of sugar we need one and ahalf teaspoons of baking powder that’sthat one now you need baking soda sothat was baking powder a little yourhead no we need baking soda one and ahalf[Music]does anyone know what kosher stop meansI found out that it means that it wasblessed by a rabbi how silly is that howdoes that make it taste different heybutter tastes like like what is it thisway oh I don’t get it I don’t get it yousure you got that right then yeah butdon’t spell anything out of it so now weneed three tablespoons of butter and towelcome wash it in and two large eggslet’s move you over a little bit allright only got one egg we have to mixthe egg and the butter together and thenput the buttermilk in so we want to makesure the butter is nice and meltedlike 10 seconds just to make sure itdoesn’t in this cup right here in themeantime we can start heating up ourpancake griddle what should we useshould we use the skillet that I’llprobably cook um the best I think don’tyouI understand on your chair for a secondI’m not where you get it from okay sowait crack two eggs in here real quickyeah you wanna do it you do wanna not doone let me do the first one you can seePhilip one time he cute and then noshadows your chair and maybe a shellbecause my faultoh no shits good job okay so now youshould take this little bean and stir upthe butter and egg I’ll hold hit you sirso they ever break it t turn it up steerit up[Music]let me do it so I can get real quick nowwatch the milk have a milk turned intobuttermilk we’re gonna dump this intohere already we misjudged our bowl likethis crater in the middle will show themhow looks that we’re gonna pour theliquid in the hole in the middle so makea bigger hole so there’s nothing in themiddleperfect yeah hey be careful this is veryhot already okay so yeah very hot so letme do this hot part so I want you tohold this key hold it without spillingit I know I’ll hold on to it still toyou at the bar or in the fort go we growthis work[Music][Applause]on the griddlehold on now Oh cake okay let me show youhow to do the first one so that youdon’t get burned and then we’ll do thatwe’ll do it together so see yaI’m not even coming close to touching itright yeah and I poured a pancake heystand up stand up something you don’tget burnt now put it over here andslowlyyou’re supposed to do it until thebubbles start popping when you’re doingso that’s my woof why you be alarmed sosee the little bubble burger coming upthere yeah look little bubbles keep thatlater that means that if they’re cookingand when the bubbles start popping bythemselves then that means that sidesdone and we can go to the other sidewait so here’s our intermission Jacksondoing the fortnight dances he’s dead sowe’re gonna turn around look at himhello and that’s what do you call thathuha jab a gentleman stuff so you do knowyou lied you do know what you call itokay you keep the Maritain they arelooking what’s that one College theebooks they’re all emotes but what thatdid Cod that you’re doing that’s not thename what you do pretty good thoughokay now next one what about theFrankenstein one he goes yeahI don’t know you were gonna do you guystell me about Phoebe dance that one’sreally silly I think we actually did gota first best that’s not burnt which onesthat what about the marshmallow woodcakes look pretty good don’t you thinkput it on the counter here we’ll let thebutter melt careful not to touch the hutgreat Oh rememberwatch herenow Jackson is going to be the first oneto take to paint I think we had asuccessful first video what do you think[Music]

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