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How to make English Pancakes | Pancake Day | Feb 2021

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Pancake day or Shrove Tuesday as it is known, is fast approaching – this year it’s Tuesday 16th February and I’m in the kitchen showing you how to make English Pancakes from scratch and also showing you the basic technique for flipping them or tossing them as we say in England.
Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent and traditionally pancakes were made to use up some of the ingredients that were being given up for Lent. The day is often celebrated with Pancake races where people run through the streets tossing a pancake in a pan as they go.
English Pancakes are thin and cooked on both sides until golden brown. They are very quick and easy to make and delicious served simply with lemon and sugar. But, of course you can choose any filling you like. They can also be used with savoury fillings too. You can use them in the way that lasagne is made – layer them up with savoury sauces and bake them. They are a versatile food and your only limit is your own creativity.
The recipe for this basic batter is enough for approximately 6 to 12 pancakes depending on the size of your frying pan.
110g/4oz plain flour
Pinch of salt
2 eggs
200ml/ 7fluid oz milk and 75ml /3fluid oz water
50g/ 2oz butter melted (use two tablespoons in the batter and the rest for frying)
Sugar and lemons to serve
See the video for the preparation, cooking method and the equipment you will need.

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