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Part 1 making pancakes

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Video Transcription

hey guys today I am back where I learnedvideo and today’s video is as you cansee by the title it’s making pancakes soI’m just gonna show you the stuff youneed and what to do real quick so firstyou need some cream plain flour or youcan use self-raising but I rather usethis cuz it would make you stuff besmooth so and at the back here is how tomake a pie cakes so yeah so and then youneed 1 egg or 2 large eggs but I onlyhave one medium egg so that’s what I’mgonna use something to put all yourstuff in a pinch of salt you don’t needall this so you need vegetable oil orsunflower oil but I’m using vegetableoil this oil sugar and a 1 spoon to mixor a whisk or electric mixer milk so Iuse this milk which is powder milk andbecause I don’t like milk so I use thismelt cuz that milk is good so so let’sget the flour so for 2 large eggs youcan use a hundred grams but I’m going tobe using 50 grams because I only have sowe’re gonna go down here because there’smore light okay sorrythere’s more light and I rather use thatso I’m gonna put all this stuff hereoh yeah and you need a medium-sizedpattern or a big pan just a pan so yeahsorry I haven’t been posting as well butyeah so all the stuff is either one yeareach on in Joyce’s um except to thismilk except this milk this pot you canprobably find that home maybe a whiskerhome spoon okay so first we want to addsorry all this ingredients gonna be inthe description down belowso you wanna pack some cream paint flouror stop breathing so if you look hereit’s already like creamy already whichis it’s a and it smells really goodso we’re just gonna add tiniest a bitwe’re gonna make small steps andpancakes not big ginormous one so we’regonna use that much if you guys can seeit’s a lot in there probably pack upthis whole thing you wanna crack the egginside so I’m not a professional cookingperson but I still know how to cookpancakes so and then you want to add thetiniest bit of vegetable oil orsunflower oil and you can you don’t wantyour package to be too oily you justwant it to move so you don’t need oil ifyou have the cream if you have the creamyou know the cream so now you wanna bustityou don’t need if you have the creamwhat if they call again the cream sorrythe cream flourso as you can see that you need more eggbecause the egg didn’t really doanything so I’m gonna ask my mother if Ican buy some more eggs so yeah becausethe egg is not doing anything right nowand we need it to do something becausethat’s the main process but we’re gonnaadd more oil and then we can get youregg you can add water as well instead ofoil but I used to do you don’t need oilat all as wellokay I’m gonna come back and get moreI get more eggs

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