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How to make Easy EGGLESS (VEGAN) Pancakes | Fluffy Pancake Recipe | Hot Cakes | | Breakfast Club

How to make Easy EGGLESS (VEGAN) Pancakes | Fluffy Pancake Recipe | Hot Cakes | Pancakes | Breakfast Club

Hi friends, in this video we will make delicious, soft, fluffy, eggless pancakes. These are really easy to make, and are vegan convertible. This recipe does not need any special ingredients. All ingredients are common everyday ones, which you probably have in your pantry. They are super quick to make. And, you can’t go wrong with them, I promise. No one will know these are eggless or vegan. They are that tasty. Serve it with maple syrup, Nutella (or a vegan chocolate spread), butter or margarine, bananas, strawberries, etc. and have a fantastic breakfast in just minutes.

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