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How to Make Chocolate Chip Pancakes -Camryn Garcia

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Video Transcription

hi my name is Cameron and today I’mgonna be showing you how to makechocolate chip eggs chocolate chips eggsa cup of milk a bowl to mix all theingredients and a whisk is to measureout two cups of the pancake mix and putit into the bowl that you’re using tomix all the ingredients next you’regoing to add a cup of milk which Ialready measured out and crack two eggsand put them in the bowl also[Music]once all the ingredients are in the ballyou can mix them together with a whiskafter all your ingredients are mixed theconsistency should look like this nowthat you have all your ingredients mixedin the bowl it is time to turn the stoveon to medium heatonce the pan is warmed up you add butterto the pan to make sure that’s absurd asa stick now that the pan is butteredwhat I did was grab a 1/4 cap to formthe pancakes I just filled them up withthe dough and put them into the pan thispan should get about three to fourpancakes at the timeonce you have the three pancakes on tothe pan add the chocolate chips ontoeach oneafter letting the pancake set for abouta minute the dough will start to bubbleand that’s when it’s time to flip themover now it is time to flip after youflip them over and let them sit for afew seconds check the dough to see ifthey’re ready to be done and put on aplate and these three already are yourepeating these steps until all thedough that you made from the bowl isfinished now they’re ready to be servedpancakes typically taste best with anice glass of long enzyme serifReese what do you rate these pancakesone to ten and why definitely rate overten they’re just nice and fluffy and itstays

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