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how to make African pancakes

1 cup of baking flour
1 small tea spoon of cooking oil
pinch of salt
1 egg
i small tea spoon of baking flour
2 big tea spoons of sugar

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Video Transcription

yeah we’re going to make African perfectpancakes from flaw beating flaw you willneed baking flour and then you need somesalt you need an egg baking powder andyou need some fresh milk preferably Iused this on a Oakland yeah mixingmeasure one cup of baking flour get onecup this time we’ll prefer the sommebecause it’s the best quality how areyou tin the dishOh a saucepan stem we use the saucepanget a pinch of salt then break your eggin the baking flour and a saucepan andthen get some baking flour 1/2 a spoon Iwant is 1 teaspoonthen get some sugar I prefer them withless sugar so I put 1 spoon of sugarbecause I’ll sweeten them with honey atthe end then open your milk measure 1/2a cup and then I prefer adding somewater so you get some boiled water andmixafter that shall mix beat the egg untilt dissolves in the baking powder in thebaking flour beat ityeah with the molding stick until whenthe IDI dissolves in the flour and thenthe salt then we shall put one teaspoonof cooking oil and then mix for a milkand then mix beat until when the mixtureis soft it has turned out to be waterand then they will be able I mean theywill be ready for frying heat your panand then pour a mixture needand then pour some cooking oil in thepan get a serving spoon and then poursome mixture on it and using it can’tput like true depending on the size youwantyes if you want them small you put liketwo spoons if you want them bigger thenyou look at them then put on the panafter like 30 seconds your time and thenthey’ll be ready for testingthis is how they look out and then ifyou want honey Oh needs you use me ahand on it if you don’t like on on themthis is a syrup

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