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How to bake pancakes!!

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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome back to the channelwhich is called lans weekly showin today’s video I’m going to be makingpancakes pancakes are easy to makethey’re fun they’re fun and entertainingand tasty and the ingredients arevanilla sugarMik Oh ed flour baking powder and eggsnow let’s start baking okayso I added two eggs and vanilla no sugar[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]now I’m gonna ask this is it[Music]we are ready to pour it into the pan weall you’re the peloton and we made thesentence of the folks over ready and nowI’m going to pull the pan the thepancakesgonna wait for 20 seconds and wait forit to bubble and I’m gonna flip and nowit’s bubbly I’m gonna flip outso this side and I’m gonna wait for 20seconds to check now it’s done and nowmy sister wanted to try see ya[Music]okay so now I’m done baking book or thepanting so I’m going to add sometoppings we’re gonna add some fruits andthen oh yeah that’s goodnow I’m gonna add any material on topand now we’re done let’s face thefugitive in you please don’t forget toLike share and subscribe to my channelbye

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