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How to make a pancake with kidsvideosfunkvf

#Pancake flipping challenge # kidsvideosfunkvf

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Video Transcription

[Music]kvf today we will be doing the pancakeblueyeah okay so what we need for thepancake flip is a pan a mini oven or abig oven inside or outside with a ministove we’re doing it outside you got thedough pink mixed oh yeah now before westart subscribe have enough acacia stuffso you don’t miss any of our new videosguys my dad today my dad is going tomake some pancakes okay yeah yeah andhe’s going to do some popcorn on thismini stove so yeah when this pops whoayou need some butter Oh packet dog okayguys my dad now is going to flip verycoolso now we’re going to fit guys now I’mgonna put some up oh you’re trying tryanything you like gallon let’s see howthis goes yeah curry yes I know you likeit 1 to 10 well tomorrow yeah sorrythank you try to get hmm let’s see hisface let’s say you fight when you eat it

10 Replies to “How to make a pancake with kidsvideosfunkvf

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  3. Aww, such a thoughtful brother. Does your sister enjoy cooking/baking, and does she have any recipes for you to demo? Sometimes, I like to switch up the raisins with dried cranberries and walnuts. Nutmeg is not my favorite, but the right amount tastes good in egg nog.

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  5. Those look AMAZING!!! Oatmeal raisin cookies are one of my favorites!!! I’m sure your sister will love them!!! If not, then feel free to send them to me!!!

  6. If you want your cookied to stay soft. Put a slice of bread in an air tight container or zip lock with the cookies. This works great I love chewy cookies not crisp.

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