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Fusco Live: Easy Pancakes

Making simple pancakes from scratch.

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Video Transcription

welcome to Fusco live today we’re goingto be making some easy pancakes beforewe start I have washed my hands usingour guide that you found in your packetthat we sent out last week so first ofall I’ve got everything that I’m goingto need which is called nice and classI’ve got my dry ingredients my flour mysugar my leavening agent baking powdersalt and my wet ingredients I have milkI have 1 egg and I have oil I’m gonnastart by putting all the dry ingredientsin the bowl wow this is 2 tablespoons ofsugarI need 1/2 a teaspoon of salt and I need2 and 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder I’mgoing to use the top of the container tolevel it off to a half measure make sureyou have yourself a good set ofmeasuring spoons it’s really makes theprocess a lot easierok the mix mix those all together thisall dry ingredients over here with thewet ingredients I’m keeping a milk inhere and I’m going to add all the wetingredients in there breaking up the egga little bit the oil quick stir and thenwe’re going to we’re going to put it inwith our dry ingredients so we’ve goteverything in there we’re going to mixit mix it together so that everything isbroken up with don’t want any lumps inhere but we don’t want to make this asmuch as we would mix like a cake mixit’s almost there I’ve got the griddlepreheated I’m gonna spray some canolaoil on here before I do that we’re goingto see if putting water on the griddlebut add enough is it sizzle let’s seethere’s a little sizzle there I thinkwe’re ready to go there you go all rightI’m going to spray this canola oil I’musing the scoop so we our pancakes willbe about the same size and try to putsix on here and we’re going to watch forthe we’re going to watch for somebubbling and that’s going to determinewhen we turn the pancakes over so weknow that the batter is cooked in themiddledon’t want want to cook better in themiddleI’ve had this riddle for a number ofyears because I only use plasticspatulas on it and we’ve got a nice guybeauty’s plastic spatula given to us byher granddaughter okay you see thebubbles starting I would have thoughtthat would started here first we’rewaiting on that we want these to kind ofpop open and we’re going to look on theother side before I flip it to see ifit’s golden-brown because you don’t wanta pale pancake let’s see oh not quitedone yetand I’ve got this griddle on 350 if youdon’t have a griddle like this you coulduse a pan on top of the stove you justwouldn’t be able to probably make asmany pancakes okay I see somethinghappening here not quitelittle brown this looks like it might beturning brown first not quite we’regetting close almost ready to flip I’mgoing to flip this one even though it’sexciting so I can keep up to what thatlooks likenot bad I’d like the whole thing to bebrown see with our first one looks likebetteroh that’s good getting fatter they’regetting better as they come back here ohthat’s perfectvery nice so this is what this is aneasy pancake mix and you just want tomake sure the other side cuz they’llcook really fast so it’s still cookinthis is the color you want on these backto these will still be scrumptious butyou eat with your eyes so this is what Iwant to see on my plate so let me justflip this over and see what these guyslook like perfect so that’s how you makedzp a case

45 Replies to “Fusco Live: Easy Pancakes

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  2. Was waitin for this vlog desperately! Thnk u! N love u sooo muchhhh.Make more of these vlogs plz

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  5. Hello. Glad to see you are busy with the lock down. I am doing fine and my lock down is going fine. Glad to see you again. Love you xxx

  6. Love this type of vlogs !! Pls can we all be quarantined togetherr?? I needed your energy today girll, love youu♥️♥️

  7. Hi love! I was wondering how your modeling Career was going because I’m interested in doing it I just don’t know how to convince/Tell my parents, any suggestions on how to especially because I’m young and you are of of my inspirations❣️

  8. I have been SO stressed and anxious with everything going on, and watching this video really brightened my day. I’m going to make my next week in lockdown so much more positive and happy than last week! Thank you for always being a positive RAY OF SUNSHINE <3

  9. My dog is the opposite. Is it weird that my dog loves coffee? if you leave your coffee on the table, she will literally drink it all if you aren’t watching it.

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