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Easy pancakes recipe | breakfast pancakes

Hello guys it’s my first video on YouTube
In this video I have showed u how to make pancackes at home easily with easy ingredients
Ingredients are
Sugar(2tbl spoon)
Salt(one pinch)
All purpose flour(2cups)
One Egg
Baking powder(1pinch)
Fry all better on non stick pan on low flame
Enjoy your yummy pancakes 🎂!😋😍

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]so guys welcome back to my pals todayI’m going to show you easy pancakesrecipe and it’s without smells so let’sget started let me show you theingredients this is the main ingredientof purpose flour baking powder[Music]so once a sugar and loved it as muchthe wall shop eternal if you have themwritten off or you can tip it firsttheir right to that order in[Music]let me[Music]in chess[Music]batter is ready now we are going to mepancakes let me put some oil on it soour fan gets in our food[Music]we have our pancakes ready they’rereally terrible they’re not in goodshapebut they taste really good please try itand it’s and subscribe to the channellike my video and share my videos thankyou

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