Pancakes Recipes

Easy way to make pancakes

You need these ingredients
* 2 X Eggs
* 1 and a half cup of Milk
* 1 and a half cup of Flour
* 2 table spoons of suger

*Break your eggs into a large bowl and mix using a whisk mix
*pour your 1 and a half cup of milk and mix with the eggs.
*Add 1 and a half cup of flour mix using a whisk *add 2 table spoons of suger

Heat up your stove on medium use a pan preferably non stick if you a beginner.
Let it get hot once hot put a drop of oil the using a large spoon take your pancake mix pour into the pan. Let it cook once bubbles start to form you may flip it let it cook for a minute or less then it’s done.

Original of the video here

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