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Rich The Kid Struggles With Making Pancakes!

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Video Transcription

besides we have a new video here withoutrich to get a kitchen trying to whip upsome pancakes off for his kids but I’mlet you guys check it outI’m making a little bit of arm Frenchpancakes this is what I call them Frenchpancakes first you get a little bit ofthat and jemima panI like to use a I can’t believe he’s notbother it’s tough right here sound likethat rightI lied to spray let me go check his body[Music]okay I make perfect pancake[Music]it had temperature right not too not toolong not too hotCuddy’s gonna burn up teach them how tocook up yeah oh my you too theywill don’t play with them yeah but Iain’t gonna butter with Cece look goplay with themgo play William yes sir no wonder youhave been here but the first thinkingdid not go well I’m still gonna eattheir way out thank youyou’re gonna get a better one changethat one’s burnt you don’t want that oneoh boy[Music]get the outer pocket got thinking butall right bat it upyou told me to so ya jokin see you rightthere rich the kiddie whip up somepancakes for his kids but it didn’treally go as you planned for it to gobut you guys to become dump mode youthink see on the next video[Music]

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