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Day 14 self isolation | I cook pancakes | makup fails | Esmay Orford

Hello everyone, it’s day 14 self isolation ! Hope everyone’s okay! I had a complete makup fail and I tried cooking pancakes , they didn’t turn out as badly as I thought ! Make sure you like and subscribe!

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Video Transcription

hello everybody and welcome back to myyoutube channel today it is day 14 ofself-isolationand I’m really bored today has been soboring literally but it’s gone so quickso today I woke up and I went downstairsand I made pancakes and it wasquestionable I’m not the best cook I’mliterally so bad at cooking but yeahthey didn’t turn out too bad I could eatthem they were edible that’s a startso I wrote a clip of me eating mypancakes my problem is it burns on thebottom and this bit does it’ll actuallycookyou need to pop is now set it under it’snot ready I’ll be readyI’m so on the other one wedding cakeso I think he’s going quite well lookinggood and I think it’s about done so goodway a little bit long hi so that was mypancakes ignore that I’m still in mypajamasI just tried filming a makeup videodoing my makeup and that kind of failedI mean it was claiming it’s long and noone wants to watch a 20 minute video sothen I filmed a video of me likeexplaining what I do to my a cup andthat was seven minutes long but whowants to listen to me talking aboutdoing my makeup for seven minutes Idon’t think anyone does so that was akind of fail and I’m feeling like reallybad I’ve actually got no video ideas andthis vlog is probably gonna be so boringbecause I’ve got nothing to do but firstI’m gonna take off this makeup because Idon’t really want to sit around cakedear makeup so that’s a start let’s dothat eh so it would be a start to pullmy hair back oh right and then we canuse this white don’t have any makeupwipes use baby wipes that’s dried up OhNoright this is better I actually canadjust water line on my face and see howmuch makeup kind of funnylook I’m like makeup I’m Lucy wearingright now though I couldn’t you write myname[Music]this is what you do when you’re boreditself I facings write your name on yourface oh my daysokay I was going for it not to look Ithink I kind of look a bit like anorange not gonna lie when I stoppedplaying makeup on who else does hesupply to like a quiet store why did shego overboard but that’s fine I’m notseeing anyone today obviously oh my godmy brother is still playing for tonightso if you can hear fault line third lineI don’t pay fortnight I get so bored Itried playing fortnight I actually hadit I still put it on my iPad but I paidit I could film two daysoh my god this is not coming off he’smental we keep their makeup right nowHeyso I look a little bit less like abirthday cake and I’ve decided that I’mgonna get myself together and getdressed and go outside and enjoy thesunshine because I heart just be sittingaround looking like a zombie all daybecause I’ve not healthy so I’m gonnaget myself dressed okay so I’ve gotdressed I’m just wearing it’s like peachlike kind of crop top thing from newlook and then the same as yesterday andI was always living these twoself-isolation humid rockers becausethey’re the confuse things in the worldand now I’ve decided that I’m hungry soI’m gonna go downstairs and get somefood okay so now we’re eating and I’vejust got a French stick with some keysin it and some Hillary’s have you gotthat’s good and I’ve got water because Ijust realized how I had a drink all dayso let’s eat I know we got outside toget some exerciseas always we are playing footballbecause that is literally the only thingwe can do so yeah we usually do a job Xworkout but I just started a someoneokey lesson today so we’re just gonnaplay some football when I side playingfootballI decided it’d be an absolute amazingidea so at my dance school we’ve gotunder a competition where we have tomake up a lyrical dance and send it so Ithought we were great I do to film itoutside in bare feet but it was rainingand windy and yeah so I filmed it I sentit and I got absolutely filthymy feet were black and like I was in alittle like sports top and like a littleshorts and bare feet and it wasabsolutely freezing and I came in blackand had to jump straight in the showermy life is black I’m black okay thefloor is so muddy cuz mean prettywingkick miserable I was like could turn upwith a grass and oh my god it was awalking disaster all fresh and free kickthe football over the fencesay hello so when we go on a dog walklater on I like normal dog walk theywere doing every frogwe’re gonna go fish the football becauseI like a garden kind of goes onto thewalk when we walk up the lane it goesonto that so we’ve kicked into the lanesso we need to get them so me my brotherjust did a word searchour dance school actually said it wassuch for us to do if we were bored so wedid the web search and then we made aposter to the NHS is to come in ourwindow so this is the poster it sayswhat is this a school which is my danceschool supporting the on interest andthen it says save lies stay home keepdancing stay safe by Esme and Freddieand then I just give these massive bigNHS sign with a surprise in the heartand a rainbow because why notso make sure you support the NHS and gettheir sights because they’re doing areally really good job and there’shorrible time of coated 19 I mybrother’s just that one can you shoesokay so make sure you support the NHSand a make a poster and put it up inyour window so we’re now gonna go put itup in our window so and people walk pastor dry fast they can see our supporthe’s now actually the next day I knewshe forgot to vlog last night butbasically we went down and had tea wehad pizza and then we came up there it’slike what a bit of YouTube and then wewatched The Terminator or Netflix and itwas really really good but a bit scaryand I’ve got friends guess we didn’t goto bed more like 12 last night cuz I waslike so scared and I actually couldn’tsleep I just lay on fire oh my god I’mgonna get caught by the Terminator but Imanaged to get to sleep I died I see youhaven’t woken up until now and it is nowcalled hot 12 so yeah so you saw Ididn’t finish the vlog but yeah if youlike this video make sure you like itsubscribe and I’ll see you in the nextone bye guys

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