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Daddy thinks he knows how to make pancakes 🥞 🥞 🥞

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Video Transcription

hey what’s going on the top this is yourfirst uh family right here today theearly Saturday morningtoday I’m watching it’s a pancake day mykids are in bitch mommy’s out I’m aboutto make them some breakfast and y’allfollow me right here with this pancakewe’re gonna make some good you know whatI’ll make some good package you’re notlike the freaking like man down withthose little pancakes or or or you knowyou’re I help or or or some other placesthat I’ve been not make I make a goodpancakes he y’all gonna see ity’all gonna witness it and we gonna eatit we’re gonna have fun making italright stay tuned man I’ve been doingthis all morning manall morning all morning that’s like aexercise right there my hand is tired Ican’t wait to sit down and just eat itmight be sloppysee the first one right here let’s seethat make one big one[Music]very good[Music]is ready I’ll make a lot of package foryou guys too so you guys can come andeat with us we can share breakfast on methat’s nice first one it’s always hardyou knowhey go[Music]this one’s the skinny and I don’t likeitmake up that one right now man yeah yougo right thereso how’s everybody doing man everybodyall rightjust everybody doing all right cuz I’mdoing all right here man I’m gettingyour breakfast breakfast is coming soonhey what’s going on – this is your firstuh family right here today it’s earlySaturday morning today I’m about tothere’s a pancake day my kids are andthis mommy’s out and I’m about to makehim some breakfast and y’all follow meright here with this pancake we’re gonnamake some good you know whatI’ll make some good package you not likethe freaking like mint down those littlepancakes or or or you know your I haveor or or some other places that I’vebeen not make I make a good pancakes heare gonna see ity’all gonna witness it and we’re gonnaeat it we’re gonna have fun making italrightstay tuned man I’ve been doing this allmorning man all morning all morning it’slike a exercise right there my hand istired I can’t wait to sit down and justeat itmight be sloppy you knowsee the first one right here can I seeyou man make one big one oh yeahvery goodthis way I’ll make a lot of package foryou you guys too so you guys can comeand eat with uswe can share breakfast on methat’s see man let’s see what am icooker first one there’s always hardno hey go get me[Music]this one’s the skinny and I don’t likeit make up that one right now man hereyou go right thereso how’s everybody doing thatyeah buddy all right I guess everybodydoing all rightcuz I’m going on right here man we’regetting your breakfast breakfast iscoming soonOhthis is for the childokay for the child don’t look too badbet it doesn’t look good so triumph it’sokaypancake how you do pancake see that’show cool is that right therenot cool at all I got to go[Music][Music]video we’re gonna crack take this mr.right let’s pray make this man I’ll doit man took me forever to get this downthere it took me forever I’m told mylike forever forever ever know let’spray first okay further God will push itto me glorify your name your father Godwe thank you for giving us another dayto leave we thank you for giving usanother day to eat we thank you foreverything that you do for us Lordfather God will protect the peopleprotect everybody glorify the guyprotect from this corner – father guysweep that virus away from him away fromeverybody away from the city away fromthe people father that we thank you weglorify you and we give you glory wegive you everything for the guy weappreciate youfather in Jesus name we actually blessthis food stop digging shake it shake itshake it shake it and then man I gotstrawberry and a packetoh man and what is this you didn’t tellme how how’s it perfect oh Icould’ve just like you best be careful Idon’t want you to drop nothing all rightnot bad at allokay I believe we’ve eaten without mommyand don’t worry about didn’t worry aboutbreakfast right now how are you gonnaeat breakfast and worry about dinneryou’re supposed to dooh boyyou good it’s good goodButterbean why I wanted more pancakesgive me that that’s okay be careful Idon’t want you to fall hey I want you toeat will youthat’s good that makes it anyway[Music]coffee on top amazing remember how youbook water mom and then you put sugarand then some wood time then you stir itwell you don’t want my strawberry andwhat were you doing while I wasstruggling here in the kitchen by myselfbut you wanna finish them before youfinish it[Laughter]you don’t like it I’m serious I did allthat work for nothing[Music]what’s wrong with this one maybe putsome creams that’s what it is you knowhow to take me to do this you gonna dissmy food like wine on that without thiswithout that no no without the cream yeswhy are you talking too much now eat thecream by itself oh my God thank you Iwould like you to make this tomorrowmaybe funnot tomorrow next[Music]what do you mean I’d shake it okay let’stry one more timeOPM on way Oh[Music][Music][Music]you know got to me for 30 minutes thisclaimyou tell me how do you see 2 is 5 + 2 +6oh no no not a tick I’m not playing withyou like that listen you have you havesomething here and it goes all the wayhold on I’m impressed you anyway and itgoes way here comes your hand what didyou touch okay be carefuloh yeah boy so you’re not gonna no wayyes that’s the pants yes it is if youdon’t eat this one you’re not gonna getup from here I’m gonna finish my okaymiss cottonwe do a competition this can becompetition that’s it if you finish thisyou got a surprise for you oh it mightbe something you got talk about surprisefor you you might get dollars or youmight know he’s mad look look don’tworry do understand we do not make thembut now but right nowI thought you I got that good surprisefor you I’m not gonna no no no no I’mgonna take on it you show me you eatthat all of that okay let’s do you goteverythingyes three two one golet’s go no more talking when I was yourfirst buddyman come on what you mean you can’t doit okay what’s wrong with do you tell me[Music]be careful daddy they’re old at homeworkI want to cry that’s never good man Imean yours are you really gonna do thisto the food you’re gonna waste itso you gonna miss out on your on yoursurprise big one a big little bit goodone tooyou’re gonna love forever if he finisheshe’s gonna get it no I tell you whatthis is something that’s rigged becauseI’ve been crying eating my food you knowwhat I think I think the powder is not apart that the pancake the pancake meetsirI think something else that’s what Ithink and I don’t I don’t believe doesit taste like a pancakewhat does this look okay you just justtake a break the tissues will not betterwithout them without this yearoh my god you don’t like it either it’sjust we’re gonna window drinks andsnacks wash you know what what what isyour favorite foot from Ethiopianfootball should ohwhat about you chicken what was thechicken sound like what’s the ticketsonline no they don’t say what about[Music][Music]yes no no yes[Music]okay what about a sheep what about agoat what does a penguin cool you tellus yeah you tell others what wait waitwhere how does how does um – penguin -walk Oh like this Oh Nonice try okay guys let’s close thisvideo man don’t tell me like that outloud tell me that out loud person goahead do the person[Music]we’re just stuff show folk we was aboutto close this video man and look whoshow up let me guess it is so waterstill water there’s no water no there isno water there’s no rice there’s nonothingI don’t know but you top of it I wish Icould show them what you got man I thinkshe okay look look look guys guys youknow I said it’s not a freaking aah whatis it what is it called the pancake thisis something else that she gave me ifthey’re not just like a freakin can’t Ido this that’s why it wasn’t coming offthe right way either man my god okay doyou know how long it took me to get thisword you like that oh my god is not apanic door I was hungry the kids werehungrylisten Luke nobody look look look to behonest with you he is good and he didn’teven like look at that look at mine likemy son said you said there’s no pancake[Music]what kind of flowers the pancake flourthis is – why why you shouldn’t know Itold you to gift okay so here we’regonna make it rightsay bye bye everything went through thetrap net in the twin it drain it is shoeplastic man I hope you guys enjoy thevideo as much as I did and we’ll seewhat the next video man next video manthank you thank you we had a blast ohwow where’s fungod bless everybody[Laughter][Applause]

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