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Cooking With Nessie | Easy Chinese Scallion Pancakes 🥢 (ft. Life updates + Kdrama recommendations!)

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– spring onion (as much as you like!)
– dumpling wrappers (can be purchased from your local asian grocery store)
– salt (1 tsp)
– pepper (1tsp)
– cooking oil (1tbps)

– wash and chop the spring onion and place in a bowl (I would recommend it chopping it a little finer than I did in the video)
– add salt, pepper and cooking oil and mix
– place 3 dumpling wrappers in a line
– spread a the scallion/oil mix on 2 wrappers
– stack the wrappers together and roll flat with a rolling pin
– fold the pancake the way you would a paper fan
– pull to elongate the folded pancake
– roll into a scroll and tuck the end into the previous fold
– flatten with rolling pin
– heat a little oil in a non-stick frying pan
– cook pancakes on low heat till both sides are golden brown
– enjoy!

* number of scallion pancakes you make depends on how much spring onion you use!
adjust the salt, pepper and cooking oil amounts accordingly 🙂

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Hi there! My name is Vanessa, but you can call me Nessie! I grew up in Australia but studied in Korea and China last year, and am now back home documenting life in Sydney~ I mostly post lifestyle vlogs, but occasionally mix it up with some K-beauty, fashion, or travel diaries! The order of my videos might be a little confusing, but basically Australia = recent vlog, Korea/China = from before. Do join along for the ride! ^^

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everyone is me mess begun in myvalentine’s day Q&A a lot of you guyswere asking me to do some cooking videosand i thought we’d give it a shot todayyou guys know i do a lot of cooking frommy vlogs but most of my cooking isactually experimental i don’t have setrecipes or anything today is actuallyanother one of those cooking experimentstoday we’re going to be making chinesescallion pancakes i thought we’d startit off with something relatively simpleso the method that i’m using today isactually not the way i usually make thembecause that would require making thedough from scratch so if i actuallygoing to be using a method that i sawonline a while back and i’ve beenmeaning to try for a really long timeand i thought we try it together todayi’m wearing my new apron that he gotfrom yes tile a few vlogs ago and i’malso wearing my new DW watch this istheir iconic link in rose gold with a 28millimeter watch face it looks so sleekand modern and i think it gives off veryindependent career woman vibes for thoseof you who are interested in getting aDW watch for yourselfI will leave my discount rate here onthe screen so you can get to 15% offyour purchase back on the topic ofcooking I’ve gotten all my ingredientsprepared so four scallion pancakes firstof all we need scallions spring onionswhatever you call it in your country Ihave washed these already so they’re allready to go rather than making our doughfrom scratch today we’re going to beusing dumpling wrappersyou can get these from your local Asiangrocery store and they roughly come witharound 30 pieces in a pack and thenfinally we have roughly a teaspoon ofsalt a teaspoon of pepper and atablespoon of cooking oil in here andthat is actually everything we need tomake a scallion pancakes so we’re goingto get right into it first of all I’mgoing to take my chopping board and myspring onions and I’m going to chop theminto fine pieces so here girls theydon’t have to be too small reallydepends onyou want your scallion pancakes to endup looking like I like to be able to seemy spring onion in the pancake okay nowthat that’s done we’re going to put allof that into a bowl now we’re going toadd our salt pepper and our cooking oilin I think I’m gonna add a little bitmore cooking oil just to make ourscallion pancakes a little bit moreflaky and now we just mix everythingtogether like sir now this is done thatwe can fish we move everything aside andbring in our dumping just got a dumplingwrappers and we’re going to be beginningwith the pancakes okay if I remembercorrectly we take three dumplingwrappers we’re gonna place them in aline like this and then we take ourscallion oil mix and place it on two ofthese Rapids I feel like I should havechopped up some more spring onion butthat’s okay we’ll just make it as manyas we can and now we’re going to stackthem on top of each other like serve andthen we take a wrong pin and make it asflat as possible our pancake kind oflooks like this now and we’re going tobe folding it the way we fold paper fansI can like primary-school if you guysremember yeah I guess we fold it likethis and then does everyone rememberthis now that it’s like this we’re goingto pull at it and elongate it make it aslong as possible and then we are goingto roll this up like a cinnamon bun nowthat we’ve reached the end we need totuck one of the ends into the previousfold that works properlynow we kind of have a little mini scrollhere and what we’re going to do is rollthis out with ourOkin and hopefully is turns out like thepictures to done this is alpha miniscallion pancake done going in for roundtwo hopefully this works a little betterthan our previous round I feel like Ishould have chopped up this spring oniona little finer because when it’s in bigchunks like this it doesn’t last verylongnow that we’ve flattened it we’re goingto fold it again like a fan one foldlike thisagain we’re going to be pulling uplonger and we’re going to be rolling itup into a scroll again so in my last Q&AI told you guys that I would update youabout when I would be heading back toSeoul I have actually booked my flightsto Seoul now but I think like two daysafter I booked my flights the coronavirus outbreak in Korea happened sir Idon’t think I’m going to be able to girlmy trip was originally planned for lategeneral very much people ate much toomaybe mid to late April if I wanted tocatch the cherry blossom season in Seoulbut are we gonna have to cancel myflight anyways we have now reached theend and again we’re tucking the end ofthis into the previous hold so that itdoesn’t fall apart again here is ourlittle scroll flattening it with myhands this timecan we go with a rolling pin hopefullythis comes out better I think this oneworked a bit better than the previousoneyeh that’s our second pancake donethere’s only there’s been morecoronavirus cases that have beendiscovered here in Australia and I don’tknow why but everyone is hoarding toiletpaper which makes no sense to me I meanlike if you’re going to hoard somethingthen should be hoarding food right butapparently all the supermarket shelvesare out of toilet paper becauseeveryone’s panic buying toilet paper ifanyone understands that I would love anexplanation okay actually wanted totravel more this year but now there’scorona virus outbreaks like everywhereso think I’m gonna have to stay put inAustralia for a while I do have a lot ofexciting trips and stuff planned withfriends sir I’ll definitely vlog thosethere’ll be more like staycations ratherthan leaving the country right Ali saidsomething right hmm I don’t feel likethis one is bigger than my other ones Ithink we can make like two or three moreoh I’m so sad I didn’t think they’d doenough for another one I thought I couldmake ten out of these but really madefor and I’ve already run out he’s betterturn out goodrecently I really watching my favoriteKorean dramas so if you guys needrecommendationswhat’s wrong with secretary Kim isalways a good one what else I reallylike he’ll up because cheeto yeah andone of my AG favorites my girlfriend isa gumiho and I think next week when Ihave time I want to re-watch City Hunterbecause that was a really good one okaythis is our final pancake flatten androll I didn’t know why my pancakes withgetting thicker and thicker but this isthe biggest one out of them all rightthose are for scallion pancakes done andI’m now going to preheat to the brain[Music]just a little bit of oil sheets and Ithink that’s alright a bit of oil in thetanknow we just have to wait until they aregolden brown on one side[Music]hmmm I feel like I should have used alittle bit less heat because thescallion on the top got burnt but Ishouldn’t affect the flavor too much Ithink it’s now time for the taste testhopefully it is as good as expected notbad hmmm I think I could have put alittle less salt and rolled it to bethinner but otherwise that is a prettygood scallion pancake I am now going togo off and enjoy my pancakes so I amgoing to wrap the video up here I reallyhope you guys enjoyed this video thiswas more of an experimental type so Idon’t really know what I was doing halfthe time but I also hope to share morerecipes and stuff that I do know withyou definitely let me know if you guysenjoy this kind of video and if there’sanything in particular that you guyswant me to cook or try cooking if Ihaven’t before but uh yeah thank you somuch for watching and I will see youguys the next time[Music]you

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