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COOKING WITH ANDREW!! making worlds first pancakes

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Video Transcription

welcome back guys to another video andtoday today we’re gonna be making sohungry jag pinky cooking me dangeroushere this is actually oh hello hellohe’s never done this let’s get tocooking when you what you need youringredients okay okay so what we need isit’s gonna be difficultwell it says 3/4 by now we like doingthings on our own here uh out of thisbox you’re gonna need 1 cup of milk 1cup 1 table only and with this you’regonna need 1 tablespoon of oiloh what a one brown make sure it’s browneat your eggs should sprout oh andalways get the Crisco yeah Crisco andthen you know we like to add in a littleflavor so we got some chocolate chipsdudeall right there duck alright he’sgetting the mix in there we go coloronce cup cup cup two scoops 1/2 cup toscoop yep we’re done with that love thatmake a big mess hello guys I’m gonna beshowing you guys how to do the next stepso what you gonna make some vegetableoiloh all rightso we’re gonna measure that out with a tboots boot tables not a teaspoon ateaspoon we’re gonna fill that bitch upI’m wicked in there make sure all thejuices out thank youand then we’re gonna add our milk andyet look at that skillwe’ll get them guys we’re gonna makesome boys an hour to the mixing processas you can see he is stirring that makesme get all that juice in there you seeit comes out to a really nice creamytexture well yeah obviously because itis a extra light and fluffysolution-based texture so yes that’swhat you wantall right skillet or pan or griddlewarmed up all right the butter on okayso we’re gonna start on the batter bringup the pin here with nice stripes onboth sides or you want your panners allright just like that okay now we’regetting ready to pour the mix get acopper get a cover Hey get shots readyyeah let’s actually grab eight no you uhbe pouring the mag scoop in the mix youwant a 1/4 cup has to be nothing morenothing the last plop it right on therea nice light fluffy stick it’s how welike them boys we like them thick okaythey can fluff that’s what I likeall right now we’re gonna be taking theshocks me now put the truck with chipshe didn’t demonstrate how to do that alot of people don’t understand eithervery little so you have to put you knowmore than normal yeah the little onesyou’re not gonna do you like chalkcenters there had a lot of chucks yeahBen yeah got two pancakes on the griddlethat’s gonna see it’s cookin and I knowI know I knowand what you might be thinking you guysknow how to cook for what he’d tellyou Easy Bake Oven when I was seven myand that kills ya good just thoughtI’d let you guys know hey and I’ve beencooking for years we’re ready for thefirst flip now watch how it’s done justlike that that’s easy for you to leavethese in park onbut same cake and waffle mix just addwaterit’s a syrup base 580 and I’m gonna bemaking a putting decently sized topannerwe’re gonna be pouring all about juicein there hey guys going in for anotherflip you see this we’re going to do aspot checkslime under look pretty good in me we’regonna give it a few more seconds beforewe make that move see how these bubblespocket it’s a very good sign three twoone oh my hey guys this is the tastetest homemade pancakes with a cookie manwell let me tell you around spectacularmmmspectacular that’s it for the video andI’ll see you guys in the very nextepisode

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