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BEST MARRIAGE ADVICE!!!! Getting married is like Making Pancakes….

Here’s some comedy from my one woman show S#!t I’m in Love with you Again.
This was from a headliner set I did April 2020.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

I am also married are there people whoare married I asked someone recentlyanybody divorced the guys like not yetI’m married I’ve been with the same guyfor 25 years[Applause]beside you brought your penis to me weare still madly in love fighting ball movufine and mo mo go thanks to therapywho’s in therapy out there let me hearyou six people there’s more of you butwe should be less ashamed of therapyless stigma around there because a lotof parents give terrible marriage advicemy mom said this to me when I was incrisis with my husband getting marriedis like making pancakessometimes you gotta throw the first oneout there’s a lot of divorced peoplehere are you on your second pancakethird Oh second okay she’s like my thirdmoving on to waffles

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