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Hi guys today i will be showing you guys how to make pancakes at home without using egg . Soo plz like this video and subscribe my channel 🥳🥳

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Video Transcription

guys welcome back to my channel I’mdolly a gay father can you’re watchingmy guys in my second video I decided toshow you guys a recipe it is very simplerecipe in this video I’m going to showyou how to make pancakes without usingan egg egg so if it’s pancakevegetarians because like three kiss maguse near as you guys know logged onshall read some low bar second among ourknees at stake would be karna bonitoBinaca so when I get a pancakebelanger’s video man I’m going to showyou two different recipes one ischocolate pancakes and one is the normalpancake as you guys know so it’s videowith both simple ingredients use myphantom Anacapa caramel dengue so made achannel go subscribe good gazenga veryvery video cool like Cody Zynga andcommend you to be a gawky Aakansha pannacotta la concha Bannockburn on Evelyn sowithout any further let’s get to dovideo[Music][Music][Music][Music]accordingly dolls up there eight pinsshadow pinch so a boom special curlingit you see a llama dollar melted buttermelted butter on a one and a halftablespoon done I swear I’m a Squatch isa sterling[Music][Music][Music][Music]no garnish Kelly sprinkles curry sothat’s how we make pancakes chocolateand normal thanks for watching don’tforget to like this video subscribe tomy channel and hit the notification wellyour knowing when I uploaded my nextvideo bye my god

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