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Buttermilk Pancakes with Oats 🥞 Traditional Irish Recipe

Want to learn how to make pancakes? Well this traditional Irish recipe uses buttermilk and oats creating naturally healthy pancakes. Recipe:

Do you want a traditional dish full of oaty goodness and spongy, light deliciousness? My Irish Buttermilk Oat Pancakes encompasses the best of both worlds!

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🥄 Irish Buttermilk Oat Pancake Recipe:

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Video Transcription

my Irish oat pancakes bring togethersome of the best things in Irish cuisineoats buttermilkan awesome black breeze these allcombine to make a deliciousamerican-style pancake let’s talk withraw honey clotted cream on my low sugarblack berry coulis or blackberry sauceso let’s get baking so we’re gonna getright into it and I’m gonna combine allof the dry ingredients so that’s myorganic wheat flour with my homemadeeasy oat flourit’s a baking soda and some salt and youwant to combine those really really wellnext I’m gonna whisk up my wetingredients I’m gonna add my honey to myeggs so once that’s combined add in yourbrush enough[Music]both have a special place in the heartof Irish cuisine they were easy to growand they were cheaper than we show a lotof Irish people depended on them to liveour pancake recipe can trace their rootsback to this time in Irish history nowI’m gonna add the wet into the dryingredients and remember it you can getthis recipe on tradition on net since wewant a beautiful fluffy and lightamerican-style pancake you really wantto be sure that you do not over mix thisand if you see some lumps that’s finethis is a lumpy batter[Music]this is all mixed up it’s a greattexture it still is a bit lumpy but I’vebeen sure to scrape the bottom make sureyou get all of that flour in the bottomwe’re gonna cover it and then we’regonna leave it leave it out at roomtemperature for maybe 20 to 40 minutesor if you’re not baking them that day orbaking them later in the day put them inthe fridge and they’ll last easily up totwo days in the fridge now our batter ishappy resting and we’re going to getstarted on my low sugar black berrycoulis or blackberry sauce we’re gonnawant to let it simmer in a little bit ofwasher until it’s soft and it’s brokendown really wellonce your blackberry coulis is doneyou’re gonna blend it until it’s smoothand now we’re going to sweeten it totaste with some Ronnie then strain itand you can have it hot or coldso our batter is done it’s bubbly andslightly springy it’s definitely readyI’m preheating my cast-iron skillet ifyou want to know why you love cookingwith cast-iron skillets on tradish checkthe link in the description box below besure to add in your batter by thespoonful if you make your pancakes anybigger since they’re such a lovely softamerican-style pancake they won’t slipproperly then add in a couple ofblackberries per pancake they only needa couple of minutes per side when yourdelicious fluffy pancakes are done stackthem spread each one with raw honey topit off with a clotted cream and thensome of your lovely low sugar blackberry coulisand this is our Irish Oh pancakes doneI’m so glad try it looks so gooddon’t a room my stacking you little bitof that coulis in there I was reallyreally really tasty super super soft andmoist and fluffy and they taste otlovely and sweet from the berries andthe richness of the clotted cream homewe’ll harness absolutely scrumptioushead over to Trish dotnet and check outthis recipe if you liked it leave acomment keep your tradition[Music]once your raspberry sauce thoughraspberries Dombey brains tend to bedrool to a child black braised blackfries okay you stop doing good things atmy face super fun they only need acouple of minutes when you’re blackberry coulis

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