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Happy Sunday My Realist Squad 💗💗💗

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Video Transcription

[Music]it’s alright I didn’t you know I takeonly so you know how you eat food so youknow how do you like our pancake we alllike it then it was swinging off dick Ohin this one girl yes yes look out fullof babies oh sweet Jesus no no Wowyeah these my eggs no your currency putthe mic no there’s nothing lacking homecook somethingyeah baloneyI don’t like abalone all I can burncrispy dough in between not all right Iwill[Music]nice[Music][Music]you know depends on what time it isif you don’t have no cook breakfast orhamburgers you cook somewhere it’s okayI know why you’re being so strong waiverdone I know something like I don’t knowbabyoh man my parenting I like to do itswingyo this is good don’t y’all wake upeverybodyno more sleeping in me let me stopso perfectI wish I could see it real goodbye justlikethree medium-sized pinkie to eight Nothis relates me three longer I do theybuy you breakfastI won’t eat nothing else about me theydon’t like Cisco well you know whatbreakfast is the most important meal ofthe name thank you guys so much forhanging out with the girl know Ciscothree thank you with a music lesson

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