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Hi friends! Today Donovan and I decided to film us making our favorite cookies! I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you end up making them!

No Bake Cookie Recipe-

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Video Transcription

hi friends welcome back to my channel Ihave my husband Donovanhello we’re going to make no bakedcookies you just got back and Taco Bellbecause what else do you do you want toSunday night other than Taco BellI saw you need sugar okay I’ve had thoseright nowsquat let me be honest weekend cocoa youneed some quick oatsyou need some peanut butter smoothpreferably but if you want chunkypeanuts and yours you can go that routechip um you need some booterroom-temperature nice plus I’m an enemysome milk Oh Batman your eggs whole milkokay so first thing that you do is youplace down some parchment paper or waxpaper Exhibit A right therejust so you have a place to put yourselfyou’re on a decent-sized pan right herepan on medium heat and then you’re goingto take your butter and you chop up yourbutter and then put it in the pan okaythat’s Donovan’s way of chopping thebutter so good at this job really quitenice and then from there we need to addin some of the other ingredients so wealso need to add the milk okay so he’sadding in half a cup of milk to the panwith the butter we also need to add thesugar which you need two cups of sugarand then I believe we also add in thecocoa powder yes and that is a horse ofa cupand then 1/4 cup of cocoa powder allinto one pan did you just do way morethan that so that’s what she’s lookinglike right there we do have on mediumheat um and Donovan’s gonna use a whiskokay yep this is a whiskyep yep he’s gonna use a whisk and startyou know stirring that bad boy up youwant the butter to melt and then oncethe butter is melted you want to likesomewhat regularly stir it but you dowant it to start to boil and you want itto be a rolling boil for 60 seconds andyou do want to time it at this point Iwould get the peanut butter and the oatsmeasured out which I’m going to do itdoes calls for vanilla as well but weare just out of it so we’re going to letthis do its thing I’m gonna measure outthe other two things and then we shouldbe good togetherokay and now I’m going to take my peanutbutter and put it into my 1/2 cup I havea little baby spatula which makes itreally easy it’s gonna now and thenwe’re going to me at 3 cups of therolling oats as well of the rollingnotes the rolling out the quick oats thequick oats or only notes yeah we shouldmake a band are you putting that in hererollin rollin rollin and rollin rollinin rollinwe’ve said the word three here let’sanswer some questions what moment sticksout for you as your most embarrassingexperience evermy stomach really hurts we were in gymclass I was like running we were mykickball thing my mom’s the gym classteacher right okay I just kicked it andthen I ran to first base and then I’vegot there and I like I need to go now soI booked to our little modular which iswhere they had our class and I went inevery single classroom and there werelike five in there and none of them likethe bathrooms were used where I couldget into or something so then I had togo to the big building and when I gotthere it was too late I’d already doomedin my pants did you not stay in it nowhat I did I did I got to the bathroom Itook I like had to waddle and then Idumped it out in the toilet through myunderwear away and finished the day itwas skating so you have a whole daywithout underwear on the rest of the dayyeah and they get a standard degree heyguyswhy don’t you just tell your teachercan’t move my pants okay umone I remember this very vividly so Ihave this thing like when I was reallylittle I had a weak bladder and likeevery time that I would laugh too hardI would like wet myself and then I alsohad this thing where like I didn’t liketo go to the bathroom because I just Iwas a busy gal and too much going onwhen I’m six years old to take time togo to theso I just decided I was going to cutthat out of my life and they got bladderinfections all the time because of itbut that’s beside the pointum one time we were outside of theplayground and one of my friend justmade me like super hard and I wet mypants and I pulled the hole take myjacket off tied around my waist eventhough it was like all about me butthat’s fine it was like towards that endof the day so it wasn’t that big of adeal but it was pretty embarrassing andthen it happened in like sixth grade towhich like wow Amanda you’re like 12years old you’re still wetting yourpantsit happened in gym class because therewas this guy that chucked a ball reallyhard is another girl Nagar like it fellback and I thought it was like thefunniest thing in the worldand I wet myself oh it’s rolling thingsare rolling you got to wait 60 secondsand let it do its thing and then youpull it off the heat and then you putyour peanut butter in there and then youput your own sin there standardprocedure dah dah so now you take yourpeanut butter baby spatula and you did ababy scratch on it I don’t have thethought of spatulas but they’re verysmart because like and then you want tostir the peanut butter into warm liquidand it will melt let it kind of do itsthing in there and then you add the oatsand then here pretty much you’re setsadly you are setooh so good[Music]okay that’s good I don’t like the soundfrom honest favorite nice so we ran intosome technical difficulties try not toburn my arm off my memory card fell upbut we did go ahead and just put theoats in there cut up three cups of themI will have the wrist recipe recipe I’llhave the recipe linked down below foryou guys to take a look at – this ishonestly like so quick and so easy butearly all you’re doing right now is justtake spoonfuls of it and place it on tothe wax paper and then it does just wait20 minutesI don’t wait that long because I amreally impatient but if you want to waitthe full 20 minutes or you could stickthese in the fridge and get it done evenquicker than that just saying like hatsman if you want your cookies quickerstick them in the fridge okay I’m doneokay so we are going to just place thecookies on here okay I’m ready hit mehere are 10 fun conversation startingquestions to ask on a scale from 1 to 10how strict were your parents I don’tknow I feel almost kids are like reallytrustworthy so they don’t have to beshocked that’s worthy yeah punch thehole through all rightwindow you know you want some you losestuff think someone may have it hey shestill does ok you want to go there whatwhat that you talked about that um outof 1 to 10 I would probably say like asolid six like they definitely didcarrot we were doing but like we weren’tinto bad crap so they didn’t have to besuper strict I thought about youprobably six six yeah I think I got morecouple than less[Laughter]if you could time travel where Oh whenwould you go what well if I’m lookperiod where you go to what it shouldsay time travel to the future or thepast let’s just stick with the past cuzyou don’t know what’s going on in thefuture you could just land on theapocalypse and that wouldn’t be so good[Music]what would you choose oh maybe the 1980swhat is that I don’t know it seems likethey had better music the huts or maybethe 19 yeah knowledge that we have goodquestion I was gonna ask like are wegonna be born at that time period or isit just traveling for like age thatwe’re out right now yeah with all theknowledge oh that’s a that’s moredifficult one I guess I think it’d beinteresting like see way back when therewas like no electricity and stuff no notwhat happened to you would be weirdthough yeahwhat when would you go then I’d go in1997 when I was bornwait they’re not put out personalinformation cuz I care the year that youwere bornit taught me Bishop Sosa secure seniorBobby Bishop no I said Donovan oh Idon’t know I think it’d be cool to be inthe 90s book me the age that I’m atright now and not me born than I needsbut like be in the nineties at 23 that’sprobably what I would do when you’rehaving a bad day what do you do to makeyourself feel better take it out whenyou eat cookies very chill is that wordyeah so that’s how many I got out ofthat one batch just depends on how bigyou make the cookies there’s the dog Ohlemon is best dog Oh life yeah love youso muchyour candid cameraif you could ask your pet threequestions what would they bewhy do you come up on me so much let’sjust stick with one questions that wouldtake a while do you like the food thatwe give you yeah that’s what I would askhe’s buried it seems like he’s verypickywe’ve got him like eight different he’lleat it cuz he’s got good manners and hedoesn’t wanna upset mom and dad but likesometimes you can tell which ones arethese favorite which ones aren’t you’revery polite dogs you asking why are youalways doing that what’s what’s upwhat’s wrong with you you mean alrightguys that’s it for today’s video if youenjoyed it give it a thumbs up if youliked it subscribe down below all mysocial media is down there and therecipe for the cookie is down there aswell don’t forget to ring that Bell


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