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Video Transcription

okay wait for well-combinedit’s a flour mixturenowbe careful[Music][Music]we’re making cookies now your turnnow your turn[Music][Music][Music]what’s that[Music]you’re not focus right[Music]yeah we’ll make it burnit’s mixing[Music]can we check it out wait for not yesfinish we just need the creeps down sideto that side wait a whilePingu smashing oh yes we will mix wellwait balázs beats heart with someflourish at the side in a path of whatis manual there’s a box for you okaygive me your head shape anything youlike you too I can’t sleep okay mix itmake it a shapeit’s like that okay not so much baby[Music]what I mean you woke the baby cookiewill buy ya evening okay not so nearhere one do it then people actually putit here this time with me that this timevastly let them do this yeah okay yeahokay well you put together one more time[Music]that’s that’s for you okay let’s seewhat’s thatman waving do you want do on the billthis no met no what do you want I wantmy purse don’t like watch him not evenat the cartoon and off the phone don’tit’s all is any time you’re watching itgirl go no eyes you put some cookies anddrop some ice here sighs how about thatother eye okay what elseoh my god it’s all cookies in gonna notyou like a book yeah okay finish schoolwash your hands now what do you eat thatis yeah okay you make it you see Emmywhat crunchy

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