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Hey y’all!! In today video I show you how I bake my sugar cookies! I hope y’all enjoy ❤️


Sugar cookie recipe:

Chewy Sugar Cookies

This video is not intended for kids!!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

everybody welcome out to my channel myname is Nikki if you’re new here andtoday’s video is gonna be just a bakewith me right now I am baking theworld’s best sugar cookies I baked themyesterday and I thought they were notgonna turn out too good because I bakedplenty put these before they don’t tastetoo good and these are delicious myhusband doesn’t even like shirt cookiesany likes them so yeah I just thought Iwould share it with you all right now Iam just melting two sticks of butter itcalls for a half a cup of butter and itcalls for sugarum I it calls for one and 1/4 cup ofsugar and then I just couldn’t leave alittle bit of sugar off to the side toroll the dough in and then you’re gonnamix that together till it’s all fluffyalso if you hear my daughter in thebackground I’m so sorry she’s sittinghere playing next to me and you knoweverybody’s home so it’s loud andcounting I’m sorry y’all[Music]okay so right now I’m gonna put one eggand then another two teaspoons ofvinegar[Music]and then mix until combinedokay so right here I am putting one anda half cups of flour I’m using selfFry’s flour so if you use an all-purposeflour you are also going to need bakingsoda and baking powder I will link therecipe link down below also do you seehow dirty my shirt is but when you’remixing this if you have a stand up mixeror Kitchen Aid or whatever it probablywork all up better but I have the aegisold Qi Bowl I don’t know Beiste I thinkthis what is called um mixer and um itdoes the trick but it is a game changerhaving a mixer if you’re making surecookies but if it is seems like it’sreally really powdery and like chunky itwill get better I promise just trust theprogress but let’s see it turns intolike a dough piece to see this dough isvery sticky on but what I do is it saysthe recipe says to roll them in halfinch balls but I just pick up whateverand you know do whatever but also youpreheat the oven to 350 degrees and Iwould recommend cooking them for 10minutes if you like a more crispy cookiethen cook it a little bit longer but Ilike a more you know don’t be cookie butall I’m doing is rolling them alrightyou know spraying down the pan gettingmy sugar ready roll them up and thendipping them in the sugar[Music][Music]and they’re right here I am just takingthe leftover dough that I have leftoverand freezing it I just roll it up andthen roll it in the sugar and put it inthe bag and right on the bag what it iswhat depreciate it’s you and how long docook it for[Music]it’s a shame my hands are shaking[Music]that’s gonna wrap up today’s video Ihope you enjoy it and if you try therecipe please let me know leave acomment um I hope you all are having agreat day and I’ll see the next one byey’all[Music]

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