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Week #14: Maryland – Baltimore Berger Cookies | #CookTheStates

Week #14 of my #CookTheStates challenge!

State: Maryland

Dish: Baltimore Berger Cookies


50 States. 50 Weeks. 50 Dishes.
Discovering American Food One State at a Time​.

America is home to an abundance of cultures and foods that vary from State to State. From Shrimp & Grits in the South to Clam Chowder in the North, these dishes are unique and delicious!

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that my Mother is from Michigan and I lived in the States for 20+ years. Whereas I am familiar with a lot of American foods, there are still a lot of dishes that I have either never tasted or never made myself.

After spending a year in Jordan reacquainting myself with the Middle Eastern foods I grew up eating, my challenge for 2020 is to rediscover American food.

I’ll be cooking one classic meal from one state every week live on Instagram. I’ll be putting a poll on my Instagram story and it will be down to YOU to decide what I cook. I encourage you to cook along with me using the hashtag #CookTheStates!

Here’s to a year of delicious discovery!


I’m a food, travel & lifestyle blogger who is passionate about creating recipes from my Arab American background. I love to travel and share my experiences and top tips along the way!

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Video Transcription

Instagram on Facebook hello everybodyand welcome back to my kitchen for thecook the state’s challenge hashtag lovethese things today we are week 14 and weare doing the state of Maryland and ourvote are our choices this week were fishcakessorry crab cakes crab quarantine etc etcthe crab cakes or Baltimore burgercookies and it was Baltimore Burgercookies at one to my surprise I have tosay I’ve never heard of a BaltimoreBurger cookie but now I know what aboutthe Barbary cookie looks like and soonand I hope I’ll know the Burger cookietastes like just so is the oven on goodplan I have to say that the quarantinething hey guys the quarantine thing isgetting old one was trying to feel alittle bit squeezed in longer longer Iknow so trying to convince him to let mecut it but we’re getting there slowlycut see people say well suck you havecurls because you know they stay butI’ll tell you okay today for anybody’sjoining us now we are doing Maryland andwe are doing Baltimore Burger cookiesokay so what I’m gonna do first of allI’m just gonna assume that thesejust like any old cookies that you wouldmake I’m going to mix the flour with thebaking powder and the salt thosetogether mixer today I’m going to[Music][Music]mm air resistant is a is holding yourcameras need a second assistant likemost rookies that you would be making orcake or whatever is it put the egg inthere that gets nice and bigmmm kinda looking for some nice freshcookies yeah that’d be nicepop them a little bit of a new one[Music]cookies and cakes and things like thatwe’re gonna do is we’re gonna alternatethe dry mixture I like doing it with aspoon because it’s more even I think andif you put in too much it can comeflying out when you’re using a mixerlike thishalf of itmixingand then I’m going to pour a little bitof the liquid which is the milk so abouthalf of thatthat way to ensure that it mixes nicelyand evenlynot too thick too runnybut yeah I’d love to hear your runquarantine stories have you gone crazyit or not I’m not quite crazy but youknow getting to the point where somedays I just feel it’s not like I want togo anywhere in particular I think justbeing the feeling of being stuck I’mkind of person who’s never liked to thenI’ll put in the rest of them kind ofperson who never likes to be anywherewithout a valid passport I always likemy passport to be valid you’re gonnacome in the states where I am just incase I have to travel somewhere andright now the borders are closed and Iwanted to travel somewhere I wouldn’t beable to I’m gonna be closed for a whileall right so this looks like our cookiebatterI think everybody’s cooking more nowthat they’re kind of a lockdownI think so I mean it makes sense peopleare doing all kinds of things I loveseeing all these creative things peopleare doing like the replicating paintingsand stuff oh yeah I saw that one todaywith a cat yeah being held up instead ofa child just gonna have to hang on asecondyour Instagram oh no no it’s working alldifficulties late againsorry just not this is the curfewthere’s another scoring team with curfewI can’t make that like cookies I think Idon’t you get Jeff it takes Americaright yeah I think they kind of like inEngland you get jaffa cakes I think theylook a lot like Jeff cakes just withoutthat kind of like orange mama that’s thewhole point of a Jaffa Cake is the ringI don’t like the way it goes togetherwith like the cookie underneath and itkind of looks a bit you know it’s likecakey ish yeah well yeah we’re chuck ontop could be right I don’t know did youmake jaffa cakes anything about it no Iwonder how hard days to make Japaneseeverything can be madethat’s like during quarantine yeah wemean doughnuts the other dayI mean one as good as Chris became sonow what we can do is make the frostingwe’re super organized today we’re reallyon it today we’re just heavy cream heavycream heavy cream extremely heavy creamJade says morning guys that quote youlive yay and welcome and thanks forjoining us what goes in here is cornsyrup just in case you didn’t think itwas sweet enough yes dad I was justsaying that I’m getting fed up with thewhole quarantine thing I understand andwe need to stay safe in the lab butafter a while psychologically youstarting to feel trapped or I do anywayso that’s where my complaints were lyingtoday I’m going to my chips with mmm ohthat is quite troubling it’s prettyquite nice I hope so I hope so we justneed to let it and reread theinstructionsif anybody is from Maryland it’s madeburger cookies or anything like that letus know if we’re doing it right againthis is all the big learning curve[Music]useful oh you mean to stare James saysabsolutely I’ve been furloughed fromwork and had to apply for unemploymentand I’m starting to feel overwhelmed ohI’m sorry to hear that that’s reallyyeah that sucksbut as they keep saying we’re gonna comeout the other side of this moreresilient stronger I hope so hmm in themeantime you can make good cookies tosee you through that’s what we’ve beendoing I swear we’re just living frommeal to meal it in the moment us hmmwhat’s the problem I’ve gained all thisweight but I know that if famine sets inI’ll be all set we have to live a littlelonger okay so what I’m just doing hereis I’m melting the chocolate chips withheavy cream and a little bit of cornsyrup and a little vanillaSaito’s well at least I can learn tocook yes always a good thing and if youever want to like impress people andmake friends just make them dessertspeople always love that we always comeback for morethat’s how we made a lot friends westarted making desserts they just don’tmanokay so now that’s pretty melted mm-hmmthat’s good turned off the heat and whatI’m gonna do is have the powdered sugara very little bit of salt that goes inthere smells in heremm-hmm Lizzy extremely sweet Oh like Isaid I’d never heard of a Baltimoreburger cookie before what does theburger stand for I don’t know it must beit must be I would imagine somebody’sname oh yeah that makes senseso maybe it was mr. or mrs. Birkheadname of the company or something likethatexactly okay so I’m gonna do a littlebit and then continue to stir it okay sowhat we’re probably gonna have to dosince I don’t want to sit and bore youfor hours what we’ll do is we’ll bakethe cookies which will take about 10 or15 minutes and then I’m cool just alittle tiny bit and it will bring meback and but that sounds goodokay so we’ll pull back onback to our week 14 cook the state’sMaryland this year feels like cool theseare the Baltimore burger cookies helpdone yes I mean these are just the theshells of the burger cookies becausewhat we need to do is dip them in hereokay so just like what kind of cookie isit it’s like a butter cookie almost howdo you but it’s not very it’s not I meanit’s not it’s it’s a little thicker thana butter cookie mm-hmm but it is notbrown on the top so what you want to dois you want to cook it until it’s aboutjust a little brown on the bottom thereand then you dip it into the chocolatelike this there you go you see that andyou just let it cool you let it cool andthat is your Baltimore Burger cookiesorry guys we have a little noise in thebackground my dad is just doing this sothat’s why we have that noise go onthrough dance all right yeahyou’re gonna try one of these I don’tdry one yes[Laughter]so yes I guess I’ll taste one sorry Igot all very distracted there that wasokay they look really good though sohere we go i’m baltimore burger cookieyou don’t look very impressed is it goodrun describe it hmmm very chocolaty goodwhat’s good it’s not bad it’s verychocolatey maybe when it cools a littlemore it’ll be different it feels youwant to take a bite sure then you candescribe what I’m busy mmm maybe we didit wrong maybe this week we did it wrongit’s just maybe we wait for it too[Laughter]cooking is never wrong that’s true yeahI think it needs to be like I think yeahI think it needs a chill maybe used tojust be a little but the cookies niceyeah and it’s just is I think I thinkit’s a lot of sweetness which is Isuppose that’s supposed to be what thesecookies are about is that they have alot of chocolate will do is will justwill cool the trumpet and see how thatworks you know this week 14 MarylandBaltimore burger cookies next week week15 is Texas and I believe the choicesare going to be Texas caviar Texascaviar is one and the other one is yeahI think you’re right yeah so we willdefinitely as we always do and we willendeavor to be a long time and domy hair I’m gonna give him a haircutbefore next week at least two more weeksbefore we’re allowed total freedom backto normal so we’ll see what happens butanyway until then thanks so much forjoining us and I hope you enjoyed thator that was interesting or useful to youand I look forward to having you join usnext time thank you so much

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