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Stay Home and Bake cookies with me!

Hello everyone🥰. Today my sweet tooth got the best of me and I found myself in the kitchen baking cookies and thought I’d take you guys along with me.

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Video Transcription

hello everybody this is Dee from thesedelicious bytes and I’m back I’m backI’m back back back with another video myfinger cooking show everybody let’s gocheck out my video if you want up get itright come join delicious bikes check itcheck it Biddy yo check out my videowelcome back to my channel everyone ifyou new here please don’t forget to hitthat subscribe button and thenotification belt as well so you nevermiss out on another delicious bite or inthis case another delicious recipeand if you’ve been in a for a minute Ithank you so much for coming on back sotoday you guys I have a sweet toothI guess that’s nothing new I always havea sweet tooth anyway we’re gonna makesome cookies I feel like I want aeverything but the kitchen sink cookieand this is gonna be my version thesedelicious bites version of theeverything but the kitchen sink cookiecuz I got a lot of leftover you knowbags of chocolate sitting around solet’s do it I have one stick of butterthis is salt it you can use unsalted ifyou like that’s what’s in here and thenI have 1/8 of a cup each of pecanspecans heath bar brittle like a toffeecrunchI have butterscotch chipsI have caramel like these little caramelballs I don’t know but it’s caramelcaramel caramel I have white chocolatechipsI have coconutI have semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 eggsome salt and cookie mix I’m not doingthis from scratch I’ve got cookie mixI’ve got some that’s open and it needsto be used so this is the oatmeal cookiemix from when I made the apple crisp weare going to use thatand anything that I have left I willfreeze it and when I made the applecrispI took one cup of cookie mix out of thatbag to do it so I’m gonna put one cup ofchocolate chip cookie mix in herebecause I don’t equal the cup that’smissing may have to add some more liquidingredients I’m not sure I guess I’llfind out as I go so how’s everybody beendoing I hope you are doing wellI pray you are blessed and highlyfavored so you guys I always crack myegg into a bowl first just to make surethat it’s okayand this one’s fine nothing going on sowe’re gonna use this egg I’m really justfollowing the recipe on the back of thepackage of cookies and luckily for meit’s pretty much the same recipe eachrecipe or each bag of cookie mix callsfor one stick of butter and one egg theoatmeal cookies call for like atablespoon of water I’ll see you in aminute if I need that and if I do I’lladd it yeah I am going to add in alittle bit of vanilla because I like ityeah please just I bought that becausey’all know that’s how I do it and thenwe’re just gonna dump in all the rest ofthe other ingredients I have a bandaidon my finger you guys it’s not becausemy finger is cut or anything it’s justgetting sore from all the mask makingand my Stumbo is too big so I just put abandaid on it for cushion really[Music]so we have all of the ingredients in thebowl it’s definitely gonna need somemore liquid let me see what the backsays it says that all I need is butterand an egg for this one I’m winging ity’all and this one says I need butterand egg and some water so let’s get alittle bit of water shall weI’m just gonna add it until I see itstart to come together everybody knowswhat cookie mix should look like or atleast I think everybody knows whatcookie mix should look likeso you’re just gonna add the water inuntil you feel like it’s pretty goodsmells good I can tell you that so Iwill be back you guys when I get thisall mixed up okay you guys I’ve got itall mixed up in this is what it lookslike and I am going to drop those cutson my baking sheet I have a siliconebaking sheet that goes on my cookie trayand I feel like the last time I use thisthe cookies stuck anyway so I don’t knowif this is a I don’t know it’s been awhile since I’ve baked cookies but Ifeel like it’s stuck anyway so I knowyou’re not supposed to spray it sprayingit anyway because I feel like they stuckI don’t feel like they came up off thesheet like they were supposed toso I’m spraying it let’s see whathappens I have my oven preheated at 375and these are gonna bake for about 8 to10 minutes and I’m going to drop somepretty good size cookies on hereprobably make about six and then I’mgoing to it’s gonna be bigI’m gonna freeze the rest of the doughwell no maybe I’m making them too bigbut I want big cookies just feeling itthis is what happens when you can’t goanywhere you sit up and you make stuffthat you probably really don’t need tobe eatingI hope these don’t run together theyprobably will because I’m super hugeyouhmm that was kind of kind of too bigstill some of his ingredients to pop itover there a little bit back here allright so we’re gonna pop these in theoven guys I’ve never made these before Idon’t know what they’re going to tastelike but with all the ingredients that Iput in that bow you can’t go wrong solet’s pop these into the oven and we’llbe back when they’re done okay you guysI am back and the cookies are out of theoven they are cooling on the coolingrack I don’t think that they’re coolenough but I can’t wait because I’mgreedy and this is the extra cookiedough and I just put it in some saranwrapped it in a log form so that thenext time I want to make cookies they’llbe easy to just cut them off of the logand I’ll probably matter of fact I knowI’m gonna put this in some aluminum foiljust to make sure that it’s wrappedreally nice and tight and then stickthis in the freezer and I’ll have thiswhenever I get ready for cookies butlet’s see let’s see let’s see let’s seethis was kind of wonky so we’re gonnaeat it because it was sitting in thecorner and it it just took a weird shapebut anyway this is the cookies theysmell so good they’re still hot andgooeyoh wow the caramel that’s in here andthe butterscotchI like it taste the coconut in thechocolate mmmwow you guys you need to make thesecookies I just was messing around thekitchen but a lot of times that’s howthe best recipes are found they’re somoistI think the coconut does that helps itstay moist all right guys I need somemilkbut not even drink milk so Gus well I’mgonna get a cold glass of water becauseI really don’t drink milk but I likethat but I’m offering this video to aclose where I could sit down and enjoymaybe one more of these cookies or toopen anyway if you like this contentyou’d like to see more from me pleasegive this video up big that thumbs updon’t forget to Like share comment andsubscribe show me out show me out showme up guys tell all your friends andfamily about these delicious bites andmaybe they’ll stop by you have adelicious bite or learn a new deliciousrecipe with me as well as always Ibelieve you’re capable of amazing thingsyou just have to believe it too so untilI see you and you see me be beautiful beblessed be safe and be the best you thatyou can possibly beI love you guys so so much and I willsee you in my next one a my very nextone bye guys I’ll see you tomorrow

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