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We in the kitchen making cookies (epic fail) Vlog 1🤣🤦‍♀️

Hey guy’s!!! We’re Perfectly Flawed & this is our first YouTube video hope you guys enjoy!.😂💛 We love you all don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to out channel, new video every week let’s hit that 1k milestone!.

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Video Transcription

what a shot hey so look first personYouTube video and guess whathey as always just rather be lit infront of your anger right so in thekitchen today how this goesso a people name but they will listen to[Music]my dupe a that’s what a we finally tryour best not to blow up this kitchenmommy don’t kill us we love you so asyou could see we got the baking sodathis is the egg here it’s not it’s notdrugsoh yeah and we got the all-purpose flourright here so a cookies[Music]yes we’re going to be mixing all the dryingredients first yeah so put all of thesugar in here dry ingredients forallowing our sugar right here so he gotthe girls in the moneyshoutout to my grandmother so oneteaspoonand 1 teaspoon baking soda baking soda Iuse this I used to use it for everythingother than a few moments laterdon’t follow me rap all right it’s alittle bit so we got the ground nutmegright here by the way sugar you know wemissed it when even done the butterquick just one of the water cups ofanother brother so after we finishedmelting the butter we fair not be so wefound a put this to one minute and watchit melt don’t be back in a minute guysyou know if you[Music]no I do not have turnovers yeah that wasmost of the ingredients I’ll have to donow is add the quicker it’s becausewe’re making oatmeal cookies and alittle chocolatedry angry againso all right guys we are so sorry aboutthat put on anywaywhen this is done mixing become a heartthat is so weak back and almost at leastthere you go like that’s what we gothere we go[Music]they are not gonna lie I don’t know howthese data would but I give you all thepropsyou have to have try to lure madnessI’m not only we areso I can tell fishes andmanalready of badass shell there you golaugh at that but all let me wrong allrightwe just we just switch it up a littleyes I suppose it was long ago but wedidn’t putyou know it’s never too late not evenclosemy guy this is what[Music]Oh shoes we didn’t even see youanyways so you[Applause][Music][Applause]like right below if you wanna hear butthat’s 30 like yeah oh shut up the firstfollower our friendsyou feel so happy alright guys so thebatter is all mixed alright okay sonothing now listen listen you guys don’tjudge us and how you speaking comes outright first rate is their first ricesugar honey iced tea rightbut yeah I’m trying to get any monetizedo you know what hey we gonna be backwhen it’s in the pan so let’s go alrightguys so we’re trying to do um is set theoven to preheat 350 degrees so we hitcake and it’s already set to 250 andstart no this is the top in the bottomand it’s awesomethat’s good oh yeah guys um we weregoing to put it in like this circularway but ain’t nobody got time for thatalright so we’re gonna do we’re gonnaput this in the microwavewhat Oh what are you talking about many’all don’t mind my arm yeah we’retrying to put this in the oven and afterit’s done we’re gonna cut it he’s upinto like nice little squirts and thenwe’re gonna show you what we got afterall right so let me give them motivationdon’t talk about this young people outthere everybody that’s yeah I guess Idon’t know or people that you guys arenot watching this videoMatt always chase after your dream talkabout my safealright man just chase after youwhatever you want to be call me youcould become it nothing happens over themenu if you put in the work eventuallyyou will see the resultalright that’s one thing my mom my dadgo look don’t like this is coming fromdo not give it down but what peoplethink that they don’t like it that’stheir business we’re not laughing not toplease anyone alright so anyways we outhere receptors we bacon you know heyjust remember if you woke up thismorning if you woke up todayyou already got W so okay so that’s whyguys are yes it’s all finishedno seven pop this in the oven about tenminutes hey you might wanna make a breakguys so um I think it’s about finishedis it donewe finally just put this back in theoven for like work ten more minutesI’m out manI’m niggas stripper so you start guyshey this is our first transition don’tjudge this is a team effort as a teamI’ll show you guys between looks likealright guys this was our firstwe did thatI mean it looks terrible not terriblethe flavor yo y’all are trying to playso don’t know what we did do we justforgot their measurements and winged itso our texture is like company differentit’s not supposed to be it’s been likebrownie for our buttery taste good hedoes so alright guys this is the end ofour personal video on the Shawn thatmakes up[Music]

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