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VIP KIDS TV Bake Cookies!

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Video Transcription

[Music]okay we’re here we have our flour orsalt and a baking soda mix it alltogether and let’s put it into ourkitchen try not to eat the butter thistime Henry no no butter hey some addedflavor all right[Music]there you go I think you got to plug itin first we can actually do a little bithigher let’s do let’s put on four nicethat’s perfectperfect cookies okay now we’re gonnaroll our cookie balls this is the funpartlook how nice did you have like that’s agood size job guys nice just make surethey’re spread apart nice and evenlythey have some room to bake good jobHenrymake sure your dog does this how’s thefrosting taste Henry taste everythingthumbs up and Max thumbs upall right guys nice know what you thinkcomment below and like our video bye bye

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