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Vegan Oatmeal Cookies (Egg Free and Dairy Free)

Just a hint of cinnamon adds the perfect woody sweet taste to these soft and chewy vegan oatmeal cookies. The simple ingredients of sweet brown sugar, pure vanilla, and coconut oil combine bring out the delicious flavor of these dairy-free oatmeal cookies that are also egg-free treats.

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Video Transcription

hi everyone its Amy from Amy Mars command I’m going to show you how to make myfavorite vegan cookies I bet you’rewondering if vegan cookies could tasteany good and the answer is yes I came upwith this cookie recipe several yearsago when we were invited over to afriend’s house who had children withsevere allergies she asked me to bring adessert and I was at a huge loss aftersome research and a couple of failedattempts I came up with these veganoatmeal cookies they’re packed withdelicious ingredients such as oatsapplesauce brown sugar cinnamon and youcan use whatever you like such asraisins dried cranberries or even veganchocolate chips in a medium bowl combineone and a half cups of oats 3/4 cup ofchocolate chips 1/2 a cup of flour 1/2 ateaspoon of baking soda one teaspoon ofcinnamon and 1/2 a teaspoon of salt[Music][Music]and in a large bowl add one cup of brownsugar and six tablespoons of meltedcoconut oil using an electric mixer beatthe ingredients together for fiveminutesuntil it’s light and fluffy add 3/4 cupof unsweetened applesauce and oneteaspoon of vanilla extract to the sugarmixture stir to combineokay now that we’ve got the wetingredients stirred together and the dryingredients stirred together we’re goingto combine them to form the cookie doughand it’s okay if your wet ingredientshave a little bit of lumps that’s due tothe coconut oil starting to solidifyonce again so just set that aside andpour these in here and get them mixedand then we’re ready to run ahead andscoop them out and bake them oh thissmells so good now your dough is gonnabe a tad crumbly and that’s okay it’sstill going to bake together perfectlyin the oven okay now it’s time to scoopthe cookies out and I like to use abouta one and a half inch cookie scoop sothat you get the perfect shape everysingle time and you’re going to want toput these on a parchment lined bakingsheet these cookies will spread a littleduring the baking process so make sureto leave some space between each one onthe baking sheet[Music]bake the cookies at 350 degreesFahrenheit for about 15 minutes or untilthe tops begin to turn a nice goldencolorokay these cookies have just come out ofthe oven and they smell absolutelydelicious I cannot wait to try somelet’s go ahead and get some of these ona plate now with these cookies you dowant to go ahead and get them off of theparchment paper after you pull them outof the oven and set them on a wire rackto finish cooling and that way they’lljust kind of firm up a little bit moreoh these look so good I cannot wait totake these cookies they smell soabsolutely delicious oh you can just seethe chocolate melting in these and theyjust smell so goodand again you don’t have to usechocolate and if you want to keep themvegan you do want to use a veganchocolate chip but you can add in driedcranberries or raisins or even acombination with some dried coconutwhatever you prefer but for now I’mgonna dig in mmm they’re so soft andslightly chewy and the chocolate justmelts in your mouth I just need a glassof milk and these are perfect I hope youenjoyed this recipe and if you like whatyou see go ahead and subscribe byclicking the button below and you’llreceive all of my recipes

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